Conversation about how to Reorganize the World

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Bopping along through history, with different players but a through line, we go from the emergence of primitive human who took hundreds of thousands of years to even start to use tools, to the more modern eras where we have moved though thinking we could own human beings to recognizing that ALL people, whatever their religion, sexual orientation, or skin color, have an equal place at the humanity table.

While this progression of freedom has been taking place, there has been another track of how people organize themselves. From hunter-gatherer nomadic bands to agriculture and then money to be able to interact in a more complex society than the village, and we get the clear separation among those who have more and those who have less. The push of history is for some to excel and others to be deeply deprived – an unstable relationship that leads to crime and war.

Where the threat of extinction is a possibility, we need a radical rethinking to invent a next phase of human relationship. A better way for humanity to engage is essential to assure we will not go the way of all other species who disappeared after they played out their time here. Things like nuclear winter could be beyond our control, where nature delivers something of an intensity that made Earth virtually uninhabitable and the chain of evolution had to start again to get to something like us. A meteor could do it. Or an eruption. Or our own hand. And though we only can protect ourselves from nature as best we can and it may not be good enough, on the human front we have power. We can decide that the fate of the earth supersedes our selfish needs and interests. That is what is worth striving for. We tend to not see the forest for the trees. The conversation about how to reorganize the world is not being had. We talk a lot about this and that, and each thing is worth conversation, but what we don’t talk about is what’s giving rise to all the issues that humans have authority over. That is what we need to be dealing with.

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August 2015 REPORT

“Soon” turned out to be not soon as I’ve been looking to re-brand myself to where crop circles are one track among others for shifting our worldview.

SUE Speaks is finally in development. For now, you can find info on what I’ve been doing since I stopped work on this blog. A spiffy look and current content come next.

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Coming Back Soon

This blog has been inactive for some time, during which the 7,000 plus people on its mailing list have been receiving material and there has been constant activity on the Facebook pages for Suzanne Taylor, for What On Earth?, and for Ex TEDx West Hollywood.

This post is a placeholder to assure you that Suzanne Taylor and Mighty Companions are just as feisty as ever and will be returning to doing regular posts soon.

For a crop circle update, it would seem that the phenomenon has shifted out of England, where the hoaxers have become so contentious that no self-respecting other intelligence would want any more traffic there. However, what is going on in the Netherlands is something else, where the crop circle makers from unknown realms are at play. And perhaps in the rest of the world, as well, where there has been much more activity. But, without any sources to authenticate what’s outside of the Netherlands, although it is likely that we have a burgeoning of the real phenomenon worldwide there’s no way to validate those occruences as to genuine mystery.

For now, look at a clip which speaks to the overall circle situation, that I urge viewers to pass on. Cynicism and skepticism have had far too much sway, where the populace has been steered off paying attention to what is still a fascinating mystery that could be the key to opening humanity’s mind to a bigger picture, beyond the scientific materialism that has us wallowing in greed instead of overflowing with compassion.

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