90 Seconds to Clinch the Deal!

To follow up on the note in the last post about buying the film T-shirt, here’s a 90 second video we did after we made the shirts. I was touched by the things people said, and we use this video as the clincher to sell DVDs on our sale site: http://www.CropCircleMovie.com.

Here’s how we set it up:

We can keep telling you all kinds of great things about this award-winning documentary, but don’t just take our word for it. Watch the video below to find out what those who’ve seen “What On Earth?” have to say…

“What On Earth?” Fans Speak Out… from Suzanne Taylor on Vimeo.

Passing this along on your Facebook pages, or wherever else you can spread the word would be much appreciated.

One thought on “90 Seconds to Clinch the Deal!”

  1. This is my second visit to this blog. We are starting a new initiative in the same category as this blog. Your blog provided us with important information to work on. You have done a marvelous job.

    From Suzanne:

    Great! Let me know what you do.

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