A Plea


This is a plea for curiosity in the face of what could be beyond our ken to know — things whose origins could be other dimensions, other times, or other places in the universe. I am asking that we go from arguing about whether or not there are phenomena of mysterious origin, to looking for what might authenticate things as coming from elsewhere.

If we did find intelligent life it would be the biggest news ever to hit humanity. It’s being said that if Curiosity discovers microbial life on Mars, it would change everything. If finding microbial life would be so changeful, the mind boggles at how vitally, fundamentally, and radically impacting the discovery of intelligent life would be.

Copernicus and Galileo were the last to change everything. Monarchies gave way to democracies when Earth was no longer top dog in the cosmos. There’s more to be said about that and about how modern science came from having a shifted cosmic perspective. If readers can educate me, please help me flesh this out.

I see the discovery of other intelligent life seeping into the groundwater of reality and causing a sea change. It would bring the world into a dialogue. We would be one humanity, no sides, trying to figure out what to do in relation to “the other.” And it wouldn’t be one day’s, or one week’s, or one month’s news cycle; it would be forever.

Seeing the game-changer that discovering life would be, it would behoove everyone to cool their skepticism in favor of curiosity, where we examine all possibilities. That includes of course crop circles and UFOs, and also investigations of artifacts found on Earth that can’t be but are. The evidence for a different timeline for intelligent life is staggering. Caves, pyramids, city complexes, some underground and some underwater, all over the world, await examination. Here we are, floating in inconceivable vastness, the product of billions of years of evolution, and instead of looking into the richness of our origins for a greater sense of who we are, we square off against each other. It is insane.

Either technologies and tools were brought here from elsewhere, or we have not accounted for mass extinctions where advanced civilizations totally disappeared and life started from scratch each time, or something else altogether. We are in the realm of mythmaking, and we are in-between stories. But, a heroic spirit remains alive. It is in that spirit that I make this plea.

Placid times, where nobody wants to rock any prosperity boats are behind us in this century of violence. Lots of energy is scrambling for answers. So many good people are out there. How to unite us, to speak from the heart to impact the world? No need for laundry lists of how we squander our paradise. We know that human life is threatened. We’ve got our heads in the sand of this dualistic plane of reality. A changed underpinning, of ourselves as one, could put us in the best position to fix everything. There is no more important pursuit.

If you agree, think with me. How to get this plea to be heard? How to improve it? What to do?

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  1. I have read the plea’s here and it is a shame that those with the least are doing the most for humanity with the exception of some that are inspired to help. I pray that it isn’t for the betterment of record or movie sales.

    This was such a huge world when I was a child 60 yrs ago. Almost like going to another planet for some. Now the world is small and nearly all of us can touch any part we want. In fact it has become a vacation paradise for many to go where ever they want and not a dream. Why we can’t be a world of peace and brotherhood is beyond me. I was raised with the motto from my mother that it takes just as much to keep myself alive and it does for them. This goes for all race’s and creed of this Earth. Why are so many so ignorant of what is there right before our eyes?

    Now it is the agenda of Big Brother to do in the least of us and rid us from this world. It is so evident in so many areas that it goes on. Euthinatia of those not necessary in their eyes just taking up space and air.

    All my life I wanted to be part of something. In High school it was the Peace Corp. Nonsense was the word of choice by others to me. I wasn’t as strong a person then. Now if the youth of this Earth can join hands and work as one so much more can be accomplished.

    At times I think the one world order is only for Big Brother to be the one in charge when disclosure is at last revealed to all. My children can’t see my feelings. I just pray that others will read all that has been asked of us and movement can be made. Even baby steps. Use what intelligence we have left in this world to help save our planet and be able to open our eyes as to what is and always has been going on out there. Even opening up our homes to house and feed those that are willing like John above me with his plea. Please Help humanity in any way you can. If we just open our eyes and see what is there.

    1. Well, Jody, I appreciate your thoughtful urging for us to be better folks, but we part company on ideas of Big Brother. It’s where Thrive and I parted company — search THRIVE on the blog if you haven’t been reading posts about that film, and also there are wise words on the subject from Charles Eisenstein, whom you also can search for. It’s no done deal that these forces oppose us, or even that the government isn’t just ignorant rather that conspiratorial about disclosure. Better I think to look to ourselves and to opening our minds. A humanity that has its lights on would defeat any force of darkness, so I concentrate on awakening us to who we are and the greater universe we are a part of.

  2. After this campaign season, I’m certainly ready for a paradigm change. Perhaps it’s time for contactees from all walks of life to come out of the UFO closet. And many well-known people have.
    For the purposes of this post, I’ll start.
    I’ve had multiple close encounters of the first kind (a misnomer since this describes a visual sighting of a UFO, usually not at a close distance). I’ve also had many close encounters of the fifth kind, named by Steven M. Greer’s CSETI group to refer to joint, bilateral contact events produced through conscious, voluntary and proactive human-initiated or cooperative communication with extraterrestrial intelligence.
    This is not as large a stretch for me as it might be for some since I am a strong intuitive who has interacted with angelic and earthbound non-physical beings or spirits since I was a child.
    I am a writer and television producer who has been judged as reasonable and sane as the average person productively functioning in our society by my friends, family, and (most importantly) husband.
    What really surprises me is number of people who believe in these phenomena, but have never experienced them first hand. Either Hollywood has done a fabulous job selling this concept to the world, or there are a whole bunch of folks who have yet to come “out of the UFO closet.”
    I, for one, am someone who has to experience something so bizarre as UFOs and ETs to truly believe they are real and acknowledge them as a part of my reality and belief system.
    Be brave and courageous, dear ones. Humans follow by example. If you’re a believer without first-hand experience, I congratulate you for acknowledging your intuitive, innate knowledge that there is more going on than usually meets the eye. I also want to confirm for you that you are absolutely accurate in your belief that we’re being visited by UFOs and ETs. This has been going on throughout the history of mankind.
    I want to thank Suzanne Taylor for carrying the banner and doing her best to rally, cajole, and push people into a new era of awareness, connection, and great opportunity for the Earth. She just won’t take no for an answer. She won’t stand by quietly and observe that those crop circles are pretty and take a picture or two. Nope, she wants to know more. Just like Einstein, Tesla, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Carter, Reagan, some astronauts, and a whole bunch of scientists, military people, police, pilots, and all of those upstanding people who for more than 65 years have caught glimpses or extended views of things truly unearthly.
    For those who have experienced close encounters and not yet gone on record, come on…speak your truth. It’s your right. Perhaps it’s even a calling, a responsibility. It’s also a great conversation starter. Let go of fear.
    And I’ll do more than come out of the UFO/ET closet. I’ll propose something extraordinary that will create worldwide awareness and acceptance that we are not alone in the Universe. What if the U.S. government could be persuaded to open its vaults of UFO/ET souvenirs and anomalous artifacts to reveal the truth of its experiences to the American people?
    If the U.S. government revealed the extent of its interactions (and those of a few large corporations) with ETs and repurposed government buildings to become museums to inform and elevate human understanding, how many foreign tourists might that attract to America? (I’m imagining lines longer than those at Disney World and Universal theme parks when a new attraction is opened.) How quickly could we pay down the national debt by revealing the truth and making a buck off of it? After all, that’s the American way. And I fully believe the U.S. government, in the right hands, is capable of becoming an entrepreneur.
    The truth will set us free.

    1. Wow. A lot of input here. Having been in love with John Mack — along with hundreds of others — I appreciate that the abduction situation is not dismissable. What a light he was — snuffed out by a drunk driver only weeks after he fell in love with the crop circles. I felt very fortunate to have filmed him so that I could include him in What On Earth? People who buy the DVD get that talk as one of the inducements to purchase it!

      Thanks for including me in such good company — Einstein and Tesla, move over and make room for me 🙂

  3. This came into my hands recently. It is clear that we are not alone, and it is equally clear that we are not the most intelligent species on this small planet, let alone in the Universe…..

    We sometimes wonder whether there is intelligent life in other parts of the universe. We even have a long-term project looking for it (SETI). Perhaps a more useful question is: is there intelligent life on our own planet? Here is that question seen through very different eyes, the kind of eyes that SETI is probably not looking for.

    The mission
    This was the fourth planet she had surveyed on this particular mission. Her mission was, as always, to find out whether there was any intelligent life worth contacting or worth reporting to the Council. Before she approached this shimmering blue and white world, she positioned her craft so that the planet and its one moon appeared to be the same size. That was fun.

    As she neared normal detection range, she switched her vehicle to silent/invisible mode. Then she came closer, and she watched and she listened.

    The first signs were encouraging. Gravity, radiation, temperatures, and the mix of chemicals were remarkably similar to those of her home planet. And, seen at a distance of 100,000 kilometres, this was a very beautiful place. Experience told her that beauty and intelligence are often to be found together.

    As she came closer, she began to feel a little uncomfortable. She could not quite put her finger on it, but it felt like sadness. This was not necessarily a negative thing. She had surveyed planets where residual sadness still lingered as their inhabitants moved towards better times. But, in this case, the feeling intensified the closer she came. She decided it was time to look for signs of the Standard Indicators of Intelligence, a set of indicators widely used in this part of the Galaxy. The Indicators fell into three broad categories: Planet Enhancement, Species Enhancement, and Individual Enhancement. These were ways of ascertaining the extent to which the dominant species of the planet under survey enhanced or diminished themselves and their planet. Were they creating or were they destroying?

    Indicators of intelligence
    She and her fellow surveyors knew from long experience that there were some quick, reliable ways of spotting high intelligence. She knew that there was intelligence worth contacting or reporting if most or all of the following questions could be answered in the affirmative:

    Is there a general aura of peace, contentment and love?

    Are there many signs of created and natural beauty?

    Does the use of language reflect peace and wisdom?

    Does the species under review live ecologically?

    Are dishonesty and violence conspicuous by their absence?

    Is boredom conspicuous by its absence?

    Does the species have a lot of fun?

    Does it give high value to inner development?

    She was now close enough to the planet to be able to answer these questions. What she found surprised and confused her at the same time. Among a few of what appeared to be dominant species, the answers were mostly in the affirmative. But among the majority of the species, they were mostly in the negative. She had never come across this situation before, where two so obviously different forms of life appeared to be co-existing as if they were the same species. Enlightened wisdom on a modest scale co-existed with ignorance and stupidity on an immense scale. Large numbers were singularly unaware of what was going on around them because they were giving much more attention to their phones than they gave to other people and the planet.

    She noted that there were two powerful, opposing tendencies at work within the species – the tendency to “wise up” to the highest potential of the species and the tendency to “dumb down” to the lowest common denominator. She also noted, with some amusement, that both forms of life, the wise and the stupid, called themselves by the same name – “human beings”. It was by no means easy to tell which tendency would prevail. On the one hand, there were encouraging signs that many members of the species were waking up to the damage and destruction their own behaviour was causing. On the other hand, there were signs that the deeper causes of this behaviour were as entrenched as ever, and that greed and the desire for instant gratification would not be given up easily. She noted that fear, insecurity and uncertainty were widespread and that these seemed to be rooted in something even deeper. That deeper thing felt very like forgetfulness, as if this species had forgotten who it really was. A little more observation revealed that the majority of the species, including many of those who considered themselves to be intellectual leaders, really believed that life began by chance, that they ceased to exist at the death of the physical body, and that the universe had no intrinsic meaning. It is little wonder, she thought to herself, that this species is so full of anxiety and that it is dumbing down at such an alarming rate.

    However, it was the little things that really caught her attention. She was concerned, for example, that their words were often used to mean the opposite of what they originally meant– “defence” and “progress” and “success” were typical examples – and that the words “sound” and “noise” were used interchangeably, as if the difference between them did not matter. She was particularly concerned that nearly anything could count as “art”, even things lacking in quality and meaning.

    She also noted that this twin species of “human beings” was the sole cause of all the problems on this planet. All other species behaved ecologically and intelligently. As if this were not enough, she saw that their attempts to solve the problems of their own making were half-hearted, to say the least. She wondered why they displayed such a lack of seriousness towards themselves and their home planet. Perhaps it had something to do with their very limited worldview.

    What most concerned her was the sheer scale of the damage caused by these “human beings”. In the past 100 years alone, they had killed or injured over 300 million of their own kind and had taken the life-support systems of this planet close to breaking point. . Clean air, clean water, forests, topsoil, aquifers, fisheries, wetlands, biodiversity were all in serious decline, but the species continued to behave in ways that threatened all of these. In all her experience of surveying, she had never encountered such violence and destruction. She was on the point of deciding to submit a very brief report to the Galactic Council, in which she would simply say: “Dangerous, incredibly stupid – a possible threat.” And yet…

    …and yet there was something holding her back. Looking again at the minority who were “wising up” gave her a sense of the potential of this species to be “fully human”. However, it was very clear to her that “human beings” still had a very long way to go in their evolution. In particular, there was a lot of room for improvement in their intelligence, their capacity (to be uniquely human), and their knowledge. All the current signs were that:

    1. They believed themselves to be more intelligent than they were. Bizarrely, some of them actually believed that they were the most intelligent species on this planet, despite all the evidence to the contrary (the damage they cause to each other and to the planet).

    2. They seemed to value technological capacity higher than basic human capacity – so much so, that many of them were becoming “techno-humans”, unable to function without material technology.

    3. They knew far less than they thought they did. In her view, it was the height of arrogance to believe that you knew nearly all the important things there are to know (some of their scientists clearly believe this), when the daily behaviour of the species suggests the opposite.

    So she wondered if this species would ever get their act together, by deciding to shape their future evolution in a structured, purposeful way. Or would they carry on as at present, drifting aimlessly into the future?

    Why, she asked herself, were so few of this species moving consciously towards their highest potential and so many not? Was it, perhaps, because the species as a whole had simply no idea what its highest potential was? And, if this were the case, what were the factors that kept it from knowing or acknowledging this? She sensed that there were important clues in its main knowledge systems, which could loosely be called “science” and “religion”. She could not but notice that, although these systems gave access to some knowledge and understanding, they effectively blocked most of the knowledge and understanding potentially available to the species. This was because each system was a relatively limited “lens” through which the species viewed and the world. If the species only knew it, it had potential access to many other “lenses”. As she thought this thought, she realised that the number of “lenses” (i.e. different forms of perception and consciousness) used by any species was yet another possible indicator of intelligence. She would mention this to the Council.

    All in all, she was not in the least surprised that the great majority of “human beings” did not know who they were, or where they were going, or how to get there. A few of them knew, but perhaps too few to make a difference. She therefore wrote a report that ended with the following: “Very confused – needs help.” And she found herself adding a postscript: “There are some high order intelligences possibly worth contacting in the future. Most of them live in the oceans.”

    As she gathered speed and switched her craft back to audible/visible mode, she could not resist making a playful parabola over the planet’s moon.

    Is this a true and fair view of us? Are we the most dangerous and destructive species on the planet? Have we forgotten who we really are? Are a few of ius wising up and many of us dumbing down? Most importantly, do we justify the surveyor’s hesitation – have we the potential, as she seems to suggest, to be the most intelligent species on this planet? If so, then what are we going to do about it?

  4. Hello friends,

    Please do your best to get this letter in the hands of the proper person that can help me help others…

    I have a question and a HUGE request I would like to ask. I would like to know if I could come to work for your organization on a mostly volunteer basis, or if you might have any contacts/referrals for me? I am looking to donate my time on a permanent basis, to any organization or individual that is involved in spreading the type of information that we all know is so important for everyone to see, and awaken to. I will work for a minimum 32-40 hours a week, and all I am asking for in return is shelter, food and a small allowance for survival purposes.

    In other words, I am looking to make a difference in this ever changing world, at this very important time for humanity. I would prefer to work for a non profit organization, but at this point I would be willing to do anything that will help the world see the changes ahead. I truly feel the need to work for the betterment of humanity, as I believe it is what my life purpose was always intended to be.

    A little about me…

    I am a life educated, 49 year young single man, that has the deep desire to help make a difference. I no longer want to sit around and watch the world go by… all while humanity is sucked into the deception of today’s mainstream media and manipulating governments, as most are sitting back and having a contest to see who can die with the most toys. All the while, at the same time the children in Africa (and all parts of the world for that matter) are starving to death. I just really feel the need to do what I can to help turn that attitude around…that’s all.

    I have no children and no ex-wife to hunt me down. No warrants or IRS bills that are overdue. I am just an honest & simple guy, with no skeletons in my closet whatsoever. I am willing to relocate if the opportunity calls for it, as long as the location is to my reasonable satisfaction. If it is working with a non profit org., I could probably manage to pay for my food for a short while?

    I should add that I have recently returned after a 6 month stay in Kenya, Africa. I went there to start an NGO, or better known here in the USA as a non-profit org. I named the org. ‘Metta OutReach Foundation’ (http://mettaoutreach.org)…


    The Pali word metta is a multi-significant term meaning loving-kindness, friendliness, goodwill, benevolence, fellowship, amity, concord, inoffensiveness and non-violence. The Pali commentators define metta as the strong wish for the welfare and happiness of others…

    I was successful in getting it started and certified with the help of private donations. Sadly I didn’t have enough funds to remain, as my work visa would have cost me almost $1500. Monetary donations were very hard to come by in Kenya, and I exhausted my personal funds as well as most of my friends and family donations.

    Metta OutReach is still active and I plan to finish what I started, but from here in the USA. I have many contacts and partnerships now established in Kenya that will help me to reach my goals of helping humanity as a whole, starting in Kenya and hopefully progressing to an international organization. My most important partnership is with “Fountain of Mercy’ orphanage in the city that I lived in located near Nairobi, Kitengela. We have also partnered with HANDS(http://heands.org/) and we are targeting a slum of 1400 people that I am aiming to help. My main goal is to find a way to help, while at the same time being able to survive without ending up homeless and being able to solicit funds to help my African project succeed.

    I’m not at all afraid to work. I’m open to any offer or opportunity that might arise. I just want it to be for the right purpose and for the right reason.

    I appreciate any help that you might be able to offer…PEACE!

    Most sincerely,
    John Jenkins

    *Character references available upon request

    1. What a beautiful being you are. No room at the inn here, but please, readers, pass this along if you know any prospects for John’s extraordinary offer.

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