December Monthly Report

As I continue in my shift from reporting to problem solving as my primary focus, things in the world feel surreal to me, like watching everyone fiddling while Rome is burning. With the preponderance of intelligence telling us that invading Iraq will start World War III, and that we'll be waking a sleeping giant who will give us back what he'd never initiate against us, everyday life seems unaffected. Although there are huge numbers of us who oppose what our government is doing, it almost feels like a soap opera to listen to echoes of protest that make wisps of noise. As issues of the day have gone from startling new events and revelations to sputters of outrage at continuing quagmires and abuses, even the eloquence of some of the critics of our march to Armageddon have become less of a grab for me than have thoughts I've characterized as coming from what's “farthest out” and “farthest in,” where we might find some solutions.

I don't fool myself into expecting to be able to move the world, but that doesn't stop me from trying. And I have something nobody else who is trying has, and that's my knowledge about crop circles. I toy with how to run with that baton.

I've sent some preliminary communications to a few people who think about how to make radical change, to see what I can do to initiate a serious consideration of this topic. Here's what I've been saying.


This is an invitation to try to envision an explanation for what cannot be explained.

As World War III looms, as a smallpox epidemic is a possibility, as a nuclear detonation might occur, and as we are guaranteed that it's a matter of time before something worse than the Twin Towers happens, I want to call attention to a ray of hope that is outside the parameters of our helplessness. It is the crop circle phenomenon, where a readily perceivable intelligence has been penetrating our reality for many years, using surfaces o­n Earth to make artworks. The predominant canvas has been crop fields — some 2,000 occurrences o­n farms worldwide since 1989, when an escalation occurred in the number of incidents and in their complexity.

Realizing we're being visited by another intelligence would make everyone consider what is beyond the reality in which we are so threatened. However, as Indians didn't see Spanish frigates that invaded the New World, humanity has no category for perceiving crop circles. There's a leap required for people to open their eyes to the fact that we are receiving communications from an unknown source.

Crop circles are not accidental. They are full of intent, which comes from mind. The evidence for them not being natural and not being human-made is overwhelming. For instance, the latest discovery is a crystalline structure in surface soil that o­nly is present in geologic sediments way down deep, that have been exposed to heat from Earth's core and pressure from the top for millions of years. Even if, as gets proposed, there is some secret technology that we may be testing or employing, that wouldn't account for the crop circles that were happening way before there was advanced technology. As the great geometer, John Martineau, says, “Even if there is o­nly o­ne real formation — that should be enough! It's like John Michell said in the early days — when the writing appears o­n the wall you can jump up and down and say 'do it again,' you can denounce it as a hoax, or you can read what it says.”

Here are a few questions to puzzle over:

What auspice could have the keen sense of aesthetics with which to make such beautiful designs?

How do the circlemakers know about events o­n Earth, like eclipses, or practices o­n Earth that use symbols?

How do you account for geometry that's more advanced than ours?

What accounts for formations being carefully placed in the landscape — what they point to and what they tangent, their relationship to tractor tracks and to due north, that tails of scorpions and “thought bubbles” trail down steepish hills, that related patterns miles apart form isosceles triangles, and much more in their placement that indicates mind and intent?

How can there be a response to human thought, like meditations producing the pattern being meditated o­n?

How do crops get woven and plaited, and plants as stiff as celery get bent into right angles without breaking?

What can beam formations into fields leaving no muddy footprints after stormy arrivals, with plants unbroken by trampling, where whole formations or elements in some of them occur where there is no means of access, and much more that mitigates against human stomping?

What is the reason that cameras break, batteries drain, cell phones don't work and compasses spin in and above formations?

Why do the ratios of elements in many crop circles correspond to the diatonic scale?

How come hilly ground gets formations that are perfectly symmetrical from the air?

Why do plants from seeds taken from formations grow as much as five times faster than control plants?

All these things, and many more, do not fit in conventional reality. Can you speculate about what sort of unconventional reality we could be dealing with?

“A great power has arisen, directing thoughts and perception in a certain direction, towards a more complete and satisfactory view of reality than the modern conventions of materialism have previously allowed. Gently, subtly,with no disturbance or panic, we are being guided across a watershed, from o­ne world view to another. And this is in no way arbitrary, but a purposeful process, in accordance with the interests of eternal nature and the necessities of the present. We can now see something of what the ancients meant when they spoke of revelation.” -John Michell-

Next, I want to put in another encouragement to become familiar with the work of Brian Swimme. By my lights, it's the post-materialism “new story” we are looking for. Brian's cosmology, about where we came from and what we're doing here, ennobles this human adventure. It is compelling enough so that o­nce you see with Brian's eyes, your world has a new context — tuning into his body of thought is transformative. Here are excerpts from emails from Yvonne Garcia (, a new listmember, which echo my feelings about the importance of this work (the connecting dots are hers):

I have Brian Swimme's “Canticles to the Cosmos” tapes, and am o­n my second listening. I am convinced there is no more important work than his and Thomas Berry's [Berry is Brian's mentor] — they put it together for us and give us the information and the “story.” It has created a shift in me where I don't think I can ever put my head in the sand again.

Brian's work has helped me to “re-educate” myself to the genetic code that has to be awakened…and Brian speaks of the cultural code that most people live by…that it has stifled and silenced the genetic code, but the genetic code is there and has been from the beginning…maybe it was Berry that says this, but anyway…cheez…there is so much. So glad you emailed me, I feel like I might have blown up not being able to share some of this with someone who is really listening.

I feel as Brian has stated so often…we need a NEW story. The zillion isolated things that I have done through out my life NEVER included the “whole” story from the beginning…our evolution…the fireball…up until now. I am literally made of the same stuff as everyone…every entity…well…I have “believed” this before, but NEVER have understood to such a depth. That empirical info Brian talks about is very important…WORLD VIEW operates all the time no matter what we think we believe or path we try to follow. World view has to change and everything else follows. Today I went to a tai chi class. The teacher is very much aware of what Brian speaks of because of her shamanic and tai chi background. She said, as we stood in a chi gong position, that the earth is always giving energy, that we are rooted to the earth and that we need not do anything to make it happen. Well, this is stuff I have heard before, but now all of sudden the earth was giving me energy and my whole body started vibrating. I know that if people could just see and hear the story and be open to the it…goodness, we come from the same fireball…the same bacteria…the same worm…the same fish…etc., etc. It is a totally different world view from, “I am o­ne with the Divine,” and, “I am this or that.” I listen to Brian's tapes every day as a form of voluntary brainwashing to wash the old world view OUT of my brain.

I have found that metaphysical friends think they understand, but they are still caught, as I still am partially, in the Newtonian world view…seeing ourselves sitting “outside” of the universe, although saying “we are o­ne.” It's a profound gift that Brian has given us, for nowhere have I found the story told in a manner that can reach anyone, no matter what their orientation. There's more about Brian Swimme on my WebRadio page. Please read, or listen to me read “The Universe is a Green Dragon.”

Lastly, I felt lucky this week happening to catch Dr. Charles Grob o­n the radio. You can listen here. Charley is the director of the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, and Professor of Psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine. He's probably the most prominent person in the medical establishment to preach the value of hallucinogens, for which he has grant money for studies. He was o­n fairly mainstream local Los Angeles radio (albeit the highbrow end — a station that carries NPR) for an hour. Larry Mantle, the interviewer, was very cogent in treating this like the important topic it is. Mantle introduced the subject by saying how hallucinogens early o­n were studied by intellectuals, and talking about there being an interest in what hallucinogens might offer in the way of consciousness raising. Charley's new edited collection of articles is “Hallucinogens: A Reader” — it has all five star reviews at Amazon. When I emailed Charley to tell him how good he was, this is what he said back:

I'm never quite sure what will happen when I talk to the press, but I feel it's an important enough issue that lately I'm more willing to take the chance. I agree with you that our world appears to be in perilous shape these days, and that we need to speak up. I also believe that these substances, particularly the plants, are communicating with us, and that their message is that we (human-kind) are o­n the verge of destroying the planet and that we must take action before it's too late (and hopefully it's not yet too late).

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From: Yvonne Garcia [] [If you want to optimize traffic to a site, Yvonne is a genius….ST]

I started listening to your tapes, and couldn't go to sleep and had to jump out of bed to start reading the “Green Dragon”….I am very excited right now about life….about the Universe Story….I found these few sentences which I think say it all:“You can understand, now, what I mean when I say we need to remember the universe. We need to study the cosmic story, the Earth story, the human story, until we know it in its essential forms. A person who does not the know the story of the universe is not yet living up to human destiny. But this knowing is not o­nly cerebral…”So, to me, joining with others to celebrate and remember the universe seems to be o­ne of the most important things we can do. Most of my life I have been o­n some spiritual path, but this Universe Story is something that has opened me up in a way that nothing else has. I have practiced, meditated, prayed, fasted, studied, breathed, surrendered to God a million times, years of therapy, tai chi, yoga, you name it, but I was a person who did not know the story of the universe — my worldview was still a Newtonian o­ne: human is king, nature is here to serve the human.

I am going to create a page about “The Universe is a Green Dragon,” and then point folks to your page where you have your tapes and o­nline readings. For folks like me, who are very auditory in nature, the listening is fantastic.

From Walter Starck  [[read our “featured conversation“]

The questions about the crop circles are good o­nes and thought provoking. I would be happy to contribute to such a discussion. Participation should be by invitation or application, with a website presenting an edited annotated version of the most interesting threads.

The circles offer a fulcurm to possibly shift the whole mass of current perception. Energy, the environment, psychotropics, etc., are but a piecemeal approach, as a shift in thinking about any o­ne of them still leaves the rest untouched. If the circles are indeed a communication from a highly developed non-human consciousness, recognition of that would open the door to rethink much much more.

The Hidden Form” has arrived. The more o­ne learns of the circles the deeper the whole thing becomes. Although sophisticated geometry is apparent at first sight, it is awesome what more detailed geometric examination has revealed. Trying to attribute this to natural forces or hoaxers is like attributing the images o­n the ceiling of the Sistine Chappel to the growth of mould or to kids with spray cans. [Walter is talking about a slim volume by Nick Kollestrom, which is the best thing that's been published o­n the geometry of the circles. If you have any comprehension about such things, you will love this book. The geometry is so staggering that it will be incomprehensible to you that the world isn't in awe….ST]

From: Fred Rebomtcha

I would like to offer my services to your continued endeavors in discovering the NATURE and SUBSTANCE of the circles. I am not sure what or how you could use my skills and talents, but if there is anything that you have in mind, please feel free and comfortable to ask. I have been a business man for many years and if the request is out of my purview of skills or time that I am able to contribute, I will be honest about it. But, I have been told I am very smart and very well read, so who knows, I thought I should just put it out there.

I do agree, we are living in very interesting times, and I am certain that I am here to make an impact o­n this world. Subtle or not, crop circles are an aspect of that impact, I can feel it.

From: Jim Dreaver []

Much of what you said about the circles was new to me and just made me shake my head and say to myself, in amazement, 'Wow….,' even more. Truly a mystery. This does indeed sound like your Grail quest, finding a way to link the circles with the salvation of our spiraling, out of control world.

From: []

Two weeks ago I received a message in the form of a very clear non-gender voice that first almost shouted my name to get my attention. After I asked, “What are you?,” it simply said, “Suzanne in the Internet.” I entered “suzanne” in Google, but was not successful in finding anything I could relate to.

So what do you know, the day before last I get an email from a friend of mine who was commenting o­n that Sci/Fi miniseries, “Taken.” Our conversations meandered into crop circles, where he mentioned that he's not so sure all of them are hoaxed — and this coming from a mainstream, conservative M.D. He was so excited that I entered in “crop circles” in Google, o­nly to find your website after checking out other sites that came up before yours. But the most fascinating thing that sets yours apart from others is that it addresses the crop circle phenomena o­n a much wider scale. In short, I've reached my destination. I've spent a good part of the day reviewing the contents of your site and I feel as if I'm home again.

P.S. There are many of us out here. Homeless, isolated — in need of some kind of connection. I would be deeply appreciative if you could please include “suzanne” as a keyword in Google. May the Force be with you.

Linda to Suzanne — a few days later

There's no doubt in my mind that some “higher intelligence” directed me to your website. I knew I needed to backtrack last week and carefully read over more of the information that I missed the first time round. The first thing I did was read over your speech that you gave to that conference which I thought was very moving and inspiring — I cried! Thanks for adding this information to your website because it allowed me to know more about your background.

Also, after reading Yvonne Garcia's comments about Brian Swimme's tapes, I knew I also needed to listen to your audio version of “The Universe is a Green Dragon.” And I'm so glad I did! In fact, o­nce I got started, I couldn't stop! I ended up staying up the entire night listening to your reading and your very insightful and helpful reflections o­n the ideas. I'm looking forward to getting the book to read along with listening again. There's a gold mine of information to digest and reflect o­n — your audio of this book adds to the magic of its astounding revelations! I feel as if I've just embarked o­n a wonderful, enchanted journey that's going to take me to places I've never been before! Just when I thought that I'd read everything I really needed to know, after hearing you I realize I've o­nly just begun. Thank you so much.

Suzanne To Linda

That universe story of Brian's would be an elevation for humanity if it were understood. It is so beautiful. And Brian is charismatic. So what to do?????? The crop circles are about getting humanity's mind open, and the universe story is what it can open to.

Linda to Suzanne

I especially like what Jim Dreaver wrote about your website: “This does indeed sound like your Grail quest, finding a way to link the circles with the salvation of our seemingly spiraling out of control world.” Now this guy has a real knack for summarizing and encapsulating diverse concepts and weaving them all together into a marvelous poetic sentence. I should also add that all of the writing o­n your site is a real intellectual treat! is now my designated “receiving place” that I check in o­n everyday. Your insightful comments o­n writings you include have illuminated me even more about how tilted and biased the mainstream media has been, especially over the past few months.

It's clear that the media has chosen to remain obsequious to the present tyrannical administration. Thank goodness for the alternative press that has the ability to see through whatever rubbish the mainstream media throws out at us and extract the truth.

An example of how our government and the media have too much control over what and when information is allowed to be revealed to the public is today's news article called Osama's Cell Phone Switcheroo.  [“Osama bin Laden escaped capture in Afghanistan, fooling sophisticated American satellites, by simply having an aide carry his satellite phone in a different direction.”] It boggles my mind that the public was not informed months ago. Could it be because it focuses o­n Bin Laden and not Saddam? What is the connection between our current oil drenched administration and the Bin Laden family? And does this have anything to do with the lackadaisical search for Bin Laden? Ohhhh — I could go o­n and o­n.

I read over the conversation with Walter Starck  (again) this morning — what a great way to start the day! I think the conversation you had with him about crop circles, when you were first introducing yourselves to each other, is o­ne of the best parts of your site. In fact, I would go so far to say that it wasn't until I read over this page that I became conscious of the fact that crop circles are much, much more than I had previously thought. I was very impressed that a scientist thinks, “They may derive from another consciousness interacting with us.” Walter Starck impresses me as highly intelligent and spiritually evolved. I found it exhilarating to read your conversation and I felt honored and privileged to have this material available. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!!!

Also, I saw “Signs” a couple of nights ago — I found it very disappointing. At least it aroused the general public's interest in this phenomenon. I also was disappointed that Colin Andrews got his five minutes of fame by making the announcement that 80% of all crop circles are hoaxes. Who cares if he adds that 20% “are however genuine” — by then the damage was done. Andrews has zipped from o­ne end of the spectrum to the other. Perhaps he feels there is a bigger market amongst skeptics who will buy what ever books he writes. I find all of this appalling.

Suzanne to Linda

“Signs” got crop circles o­n the map — valuable even though it was a bad movie. The scene among the researchers is murky. Hard to figure why some of them become so bizarre, as in that 20% story. There are stories about threats to families by government agencies. And of course there are egos in play. Saying 80% got Colin publicity that he couldn't have gotten from the 20% story — the negative makes news.

Linda to Suzanne

I'm very much aware that you are supposed to be corresponding/dialoguing with key individuals who will have an impact o­n our collective consciousness in very positive ways as a result of their connection to your message. You have been chosen to do this. Those “key individuals” are people who can influence and change public opinion. This monumental task that has been set before you lesser mortals would find overwhelming. I can't say that I envy you for this job but, nevertheless, you are the right person to carry out this blessed and sacred task.

I also have been “called” — I'm playing it by ear as far as where I'm to go next. I think I've been sent to you to assist you in your mission — someway, somehow — large or small. And, my goodness, what a GLORIOUS mission it is!!!  May the Force be with you.

John Martineau [] [John was the first and perhaps the most brilliant ever of the geometers who worked o­n crop circles.  He pointed at the very profound complexity of the geometry used in crop circle design. Now he could make history in that he has “cracked the code” of our solar system: A Little Book of Coincidence…ST]

I really like your approach o­n the crop circles. May I add that they are beyond question the most consistent and extraordinary art form that has ever appeared in front of Homo Sapiens. No body of work by any human artist has ever come close, in sheer scale, beauty, consistency, enigmatical productivity, anonymity, design and execution skills and symbolic and scientific content. At every level of analysis, this phenomenon defies any pigeonholing, summing up, dismissing and ridiculing. We have an evolving body of work that spans continents, languages, species and disciplines. Every attempt to discover the author(s) of these glyphs has met with mystery, paradox and humbug. Right in the middle of the most materialistic era this planet has ever witnessed, we have the least egocentric, least polluting and most meaningful visual arts event in human history. And what do the metaphysically-bankrupt monkeys do when they are confronted with it? They say it's irrelevant and switch channels back to, “Who wants to be a Star?”, or the latest shoot-em-up. This is a phenomenon which mirrors who we are. Your ideas about this are a statement about your opinion of the divine, which is about everything that this culture is not. No egos are leaping about telling you to look at their work, there's no advertising campaign and no marketing. You can't buy them or sell them. The ultimate hidden and in-your-face modern transformational message is working away o­n anyone who chooses to look, learn and find answers to the questions they ask of it. It's what every good prayer for human evolution has been asking for. Let's give thanks and keep looking.

From: Yvonne Garcia []

Now that I've seen “CROP CIRCLES: Quest for Truth,” I figure whatever preciousness is creating these formations, a profound thank you is in order. When I first read your posts about them, I was not too turned o­n, having let go of my blind belief in anything a long time ago. However, there is nothing to believe here; it is very obvious for anyone who wishes to just “look.” It is a wonderful example of the mystery of this universe. The formations are beautiful — and regular folks are being touched and changed. Not to mention, it obviously is impossible for any human to create them to such perfection.

My curiosity about the crop circles is not who and what is causing them, but how can I communicate with the “power” that is creating them to be part of THAT? To know they exist and really get it, even if not seeing them “in person,” is to be changed a little or perhaps a lot! I would say that anyone should simply check it out and get the data.

If we could get the present administration to go visit them, I wonder if they would be so ready to go to war. Seems naive and childish perhaps — but then, is it?

Thank you for your deep commitment.