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THANKS for the exceptional interview Suzanne:) I’d like to think that we may have some unfinished business together in the future… a unique synergy of our gifts and talents for global rEVOLUTION
Christopher Rudy
Cosmic Love

I can not thank you enough Suzanne for an amazing show tonight, I am extremely honored to have spoken with you and hope you enjoyed the show as well. I do believe a second show with you would be fantastic and would welcome the chance to further our conversation on crop circles in the near future. Thank you again Suzanne.
Jason Pepper
Pair A Normal Guys

Thanks so very much for your delightful interview — you were a fabulous guest! I so believe in what you are doing and I am honored to support your work.
Alan Cohen
Hay House Radio

Thank you for a stupendous interview!!!! I enjoyed it so much and learned a lot.
Leah La Chapelle

American Freedom Radio – Unzipping Reality
I wanted to thank you again for your contributions to the show. You sound fantastic! I had a lot of fun. I hope we can do it again soon. Keep in touch…we can be a conduit for all things Suzanne.
Justin Brown
Unified Field Radio

I absolutely enjoyed your time on the show! What fun and great information.
Rebecca Jernigan
Journeys with Rebecca

I appear on the program twice a month–and have for over 12 years–and Jeff often allows me to select the guests. I picked you to appear with me on that night…and you certainly didn’t disappoint. You were terrific.
Brad Steiger
Jeff Rense Show

Suzanne is a GREAT guest.
Carl Munson
The Barefoot Broadcast

Fantastic job on the radio! I always love having you on. Let me get to my schedule and see when I can get you back on so we can finish our discussion. You “done good,” my friend, as always.
Gianni DeVincent Hayes, Ph.D
The American Voice

First, allow me to express my gratitude for your appearance on my show; everyone thoroughly enjoyed listening to you. I got a lesson in how you present yourself on the air and can say, sincerely, I was impressed. I listened to you on several shows, and I knew from that experience you would be a great guest. If I had said, “Welcome to the show, Suzanne, now I’m going to just listen to you talk for the next 90 minutes about your movie and your experiences,” you would have been able to carry that through.
Patrick Cooke
Matrix Radio

Your show turned out really great. We’re taking a big step towards crop circle reporting and your interview was the perfect one. Bravo and I really do look forward to the next interview. You’re smart as a whip!
Marshall Masters

Cut to the Chase Radio
Wow Suzanne! You know how to engage in a sizzling, informative and powerful discussion! I’m posting this episode as a favorite, must listen to .. as well as connecting my audience with your film and blog. You’re changing the world here! Thank you for letting me a small part of the transformational shift in thought. In awareness. In how we see life. I’m impressed!
Elizabeth Lengyel
Biz Juice


I heard you on the radio interview, thank you for your words and views. You put it out SO well, and I felt like I could have said the same things if I had been in that position and more aware.

Saw your interview on just now – you are the most fascinating speaker, and the best crop circle ambassador ever. I vote for you! If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know.

I just wanted to compliment you on your appearance on argusoog radio with Kerry Cassidy. You are a very eloquent speaker. =)

I just listened to you on Linda Pannell’s webcast and just wanted to thank you for being such a GENUINE INSPIRATION for me.

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