I just got this email from Nancy Talbott, who is the bottom line for the scientific studies that have been done of the crop circles, and the one she is dealing with here is a stunner. You know, no matter how many circles are hoaxed — and opinions vary widely for this randomly tended to phenomenon, where there is no central organization to coordinate information — there are conclusive pieces of data that point to off-planet origins for what is, as the tag line of my movie says, “the crop circle mystery.”

One postscript to what’s below is that thistle is not something you want to be messing around in. Getting scratched by it causes nasty welts. Little trivia department: there is a cabbagy kind of plant which grows around thistles, and rubbing the leaves on scratches prevents them from welting up!

See more of what is posted on for what I refer to when people ask for definitive proof that there is a real phenomenon.

Hi All:

In 2004, the BLT Research Team posted the most comprehensive scientific study carried out to-date on a single crop circle: a 191-foot long, 7-circle formation in thistle-invested barley in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Although the field was planted in barley, it was infested with Canadian thistle, a tough and very prickly plant which is extremely difficult to flatten.

In spite of this, the seven circles were found to be intricately flattened, with a narrow counter-clockwise band around the perimeter of each circle which was underneath a radially-laid second layer, topped off with a totally chaotic third layer on top.

With financial support from Laurance Rockefeller, we were able to carry out a thorough examination of the plants, as well as testing of the surface soils for the presence of magnetic spheres and an x-ray diffraction analysis of specific heat-sensitive clay minerals in these surface soils.  The results were as strong as any we have seen.

The plants showed massive node elongation and presence of multiple expulsion cavities and the magnetic spheres were also present. Most stunning was the discovery of an increase in the crystalline structure of the clay minerals in the surface soils, a change previously known by geologists to occur only in sedimentary rock–never in surface soils before.

During the study, neither I nor any of the four BLT scientific consultants involved in this study were aware that another highly anomalous situation was related to this crop formation–that there were at least four eyewitnesses to UFOs over the study field shortly before the crop circle was discovered.  The TV show “Unsolved Mysteries” did, in fact, document these sightings and we’ve now posted an edited version of that show at the beginning of our “XRD Clay Mineral Study Report” (video clip posted right beneath the diagram of the XRD Study crop circle):

Nancy Talbott
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  1. Me and Anne we attended an excellent exposé of Nancy Talbott in Leuven (Belgium) on April 18th 2004. I also remember a strange story told by a man who was like us visiting the “S” crop circle formation at Heers ( Some time ago he and his girlfriend were visiting the famous crop circle hot zone of Wiltshire in the U.K. One day they were out in the fields together with a group of 20 people. Suddenly they saw a complex crop circle being formed in a time span of about 20 seconds and in broad daylight. It happened in a complete silence and the corn lay itself down in successive waves. The group of people was utterly shocked and stood in awe looking at the freshly formed design. Some of them already started taking pictures of it. Then, 15 minutes later a convoy of military jeeps arrived with soldiers dressed in their complete battle outfit. They jumped out of them jeeps and started summoning the people to asap leave the area while confiscating some cameras. Until this day the young couple have no understanding of what actually happened that afternoon in those Wiltshire fields. And how come the military arrived so quickly on the spot? The man assured us that this really happened, and, his being a cellular bologist, we tend to believe him. The latest Belgian crop circle formations were formed in 2006-2007 near the town of Waterloo ( on the old battlefield where the Duke of Wellington finally beated the French Emperor Napoleon on June 18th 1815. At this moment it is calm on the Belgian crop circle front.

  2. Excellent work! I can’t help but notice that their method is reminiscent of the way we learn to color in a drawing, in kindergarten. First you color very carefully right along the edge of the region you want to fill. Then fill in the open space, some care still required, with even lines to generate good texture for the solid part of the figure. Lastly, go over it all (any fast method) to catch any missed areas. These are exactly their three “levels” that Ms. Talbott has demonstrated above. No insult is intended here, I’m just saying “aha, it makes perfect sense”. Even a child can now relate to this kind of art! It is so obvious that they have some kind of awesome machine to make these circles very quickly via projection from above, once they anchor their craft in position and achieve the desired registration over the field. And obviously, they can program a sequence of circles to be made with specified centers and radii, which they design and input in advance and then press ‘go’.
    While this CC consists of pure circles, there are other CCs where the design has parts of a circle, overlapping circles, and so on. It’s harder to make just part of a circle, i.e., to get the machine to stop the microwave beam at just the right point. I have wondered whether the hydromagnesite (of which residue is often found), which we use as a flame retardant, might be something they lay down in advance (I think of it like paint tape) to shadow out corners or small areas they don’t want to flatten due to accidental beam imprecision. Nancy, is this explanation consistent with your observations?

    1. Just one thing to mention is that no craft ever has been observed, so if it is craft that’s beaming anything down, it would have to be able to cloak itself in invisibility — and there is speculation they can do that. Will pass your question to Nancy.

  3. I’ve been interested in this phenomenon since I attended a talk in Santa Monica a looooong time ago and got the chance to both see and examine some crop formation material. After holding and examining the plants and seeing the expanded and bent nodes I was impressed enough to confidently join the side of the argument in favor of “unknown cause” at that time. I have many books,video tapes and dvd on the crop circle subject and I still get excited when new formations are discovered and published. Poor Doug and Dave…….they must have exhausted themselves pulling off such an elaborate prank over such a long time and covering so much territory. Lol!
    Great work team. Especially Nancy Talbott,whom I was fortunate enough to meet and hear at a presentation she gave at Mufon Orange County.

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