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Graham Hancock: Beyond Atlantis – Secret Discoveries

Graham Hancock is in my handful of people who are most worth listening to these days. He’s a world-class researcher who is seeing into the mysteries of our past in revelatory ways, plus he’s the loveliest person you’d want listen to no matter what he’s talking about.

Here’s the blurb on YouTube that accompanies an interview with Graham, below:

“This original uncut interview featuring Graham Hancock, was filmed for the Network Television Special ‘The Mysterious Origins of Man.’ Most of this interview was not included in the final Television Network Broadcast and is being shown here now in it’s entirety for the first time. Graham Hancock is the celebrated author of the groundbreaking book, ‘The Fingerprints of the Gods.’ This interview includes amazing conclusions about the lost great civilization of Atlantis, a technologically advanced civilization that was able to circumnavigate the Earth and map the stars.”

From the interview: “How long are we going to go on closing our eyes to a huge forgotten episode in human history?”

I’ve been touting the Ancient Aliens series on the History Channel — in its second season, Thursdays 9/8c. I can’t imagine anyone watching these shows who wouldn’t conclude there is a distant past that’s not in our history books — we would have to radically rewrite them were the evidence the series presents to be admitted. There is so much that does not fit in the story we tell. It’s time for a quantum leap — as I describe in my recent post, How a Quantum Leap Happens.

After his non-fiction best sellers, Fingerprints of the Gods and Supernatural, Graham wrote his first novel, Entangled! More information and a preview of the first four chapters are available on the Entangled website. And a short video promo can be seen below:


If you aren’t flying, driving, or walking to DC this weekend for the X-Conference, you can go anyway. It will be broadcast live on streaming video on the Internet, plus there will be access to the archived stream for two weeks after that. It’s just $24.95 for a great trip!


This yearly event, which featured my movie last year, is put on by the advocacy organization for government disclosure, not only of UFO reports but of ET contact. Strange but true, there is very compelling evidence that we are in touch with non-human intelligences. This is a bookend with the History Channel’s ANCIENT ALIENS series — that’s about contact in the distance past and the X-Conference is about contact now!

Being hooked on the crop circles as I am, I know that when you look at the evidence it is more bizarre to conclude that people are responsible than that they aren’t. If the powers that be, including the media, would pay attention to the evidence, the crop circle story would be in headlines. Tune into the X-Conference to see if you come away thinking the same thing about not only what is leaving footprints but what could be shaking our hands.

The event will conclude with a presentation at the National Press Club. We are talking the class of the beyond the beyond world!

Me on History Channel’s ANCIENT ALIENS

[youtube]Insert video URL or ID here[/youtube]So, another interesting program from ANCIENT ALIENS last Tuesday night — the one I’m on. I think the first one, The Evidence, is the must see, but people talking to me have been as enthusiastic about the other two. (They all are on YouTube in 10-minute chunks, or $3.99 on iTunes). Mine, The Mission, will re-run Saturday 8-10 on the History Channel.

This series is a great contribution to what could be the most important piece of news ever. There’s nothing like what confirmation of other intelligence would do to jar us loose from our limited vision of reality in which we are so dangerous to Earth and one another. It’s the only thing I can imagine that would change our sense of who we are and what we’re doing here.

My argument is that when our juxtaposition to the cosmos changes, a sea change of worldview ensues. We need a sea change. We need to stop making war. Seriously. We need to supplant greed with mutual concern. We have to pull together. Egads, united we stand! That could refer to the world, where we would be one humanity in relation to ‘the other.’ One conversation. One fascination. That would put us in the best position from which to deal with all the challenges that face us.

On to the personal and that History Channel show. I thought I was younger. Oh well.

Here’s the crop circle segment of the show in a clip on YouTube!


As you can see, no mention of my movie in the show. Darn. I was just Producer/Director, and crop circle researcher. So, no run on DVDs this week. To help the cause, I’d especially appreciate shout-outs on your social networking sites — tell people about ANCIENT ALIENS and my wonderful movie: http://www.CropCircleMovie.com — and to sign up for the movie fan page: http://Facebook.com/whatonearth.

The crop circle segment was OK, but I wish I’d urged them to let me advise them on the segment. Any opinions out there?

I got this email from the production company, about the last two shows:

It has been confirmed with the History Channel that ANCIENT ALIENS, Episode Four: Closer Encounters, has been moved one week and will premiere on Tuesday, May 18 at 8pm. Episode Five: The Return is still scheduled to premiere on Tuesday, May 25th at 8pm.