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Catching Up: a Suzanne Extravaganza

I’ve been getting queries lately from people about not getting email from me for a while. Speaking to an invisible audience online, I sometimes wonder if you really exist, so being missed is reassuring.

Crop circle season is in full swing. See what’s coming in on THE site that tracks all the formations as they arrive, where the pages for the more interesting ones have contributions from people who have ideas about the encoded information the circles are delivering. Don’t know yet if this circle is the real deal, but I sure like this artwork by Jay Goldner, good friend of the circles, that it inspired!

Jay Goldner crop circle art

My big news is I’m hosting a four part webinar, “Crop Circles as a Portal to Personal and Planetary Transformation,” for Evolver Intensives. It will start August 20, and it’s about the magic of the circles and of the universe, way past crop circles 101 and the arguments about real or unreal. See the next post, just about that. At this time, when What On Earth? is newly on iTunes and has just engaged wholesale distributors to get the DVD to the big world, the Evolver outreach to 250,000 people is good timing. Please spread the word. Not only will circle lovers be stretched beyond what they know, but it would impress people who don’t know much about what’s going on.

I’ve been acquiring a lot of YouTube subscribers, and have been adding videos to my channel. When it’s something special, I send out notices – if you subscribe you’ll get them: http://YouTube/suzannet. The last notice was for a 20-minute talk, “How Crop Circles Can Change the World,” that I did for the Learning Annex in New York. You might poke around on my channel for other new things.

I recently posted a favorite piece of bonus material that’s on the DVD.

Before New York, I was in Philadelphia, at Free Your Mind, a conference that has posted the 45-minute talk I did before they showed my movie. It was lit for the movie and I was in shadow, but I like what I had to say and you could just listen to the audio where you’d find out a lot about me and how I got into the circle game.

Writer’s Voices is a one hour radio show I did recently. I loved talking to the hosts about what they described on their website as my “deeply spiritual documentary film” that’s “nothing less than how these sacred shapes are assisting humanity in our evolution, our return Home, from separation to Unity.” Here’s what they had to say after the show:

“What a fun and satisfying conversation. Suzanne, your engrossing film is such a tantalizing way to inform people about the crop circle phenomenon, and your insights and perspectives during interviews are so instrumental right now in shifting people toward a more hopeful way of looking at the world. You definitely open people up to greater possibilities. Thanks so much for such a terrific interview!”

Marc Rosenbush, my mentor for film marketing, has bought in a team to get the word out. Here’s what they say the film’s supporters can do:

The important things are for them to like your Facebook posts, comment on them, and reply to your blog postings. These are three key things will help keep you an active social media player.

If you aren’t a fan of the movie, hit Like on http://Facebook.com/WhatOnEarth to get in the swim.

I’ll conclude this Suzanne extravaganza with what may be the nicest letter I ever got, which I received after I did a talk for The Institute of Philosophy and the Arts:

Salon July 2011


The movie is on iTunes — get it out to the world!

What is ignored in the ET/UFO question is the positive effect that establishing contact might have. Science fiction portrays how bad it could be, but how about how good it could be?

Think of the ideal. We are in contact. They are helping us. Their technology makes Earth thrive. Whether our relationship is directly physical or not, can you imagine what that would do to each and every one of us? It would be a new framework in which to experience life. We all would be learning life again. We would be so uplifted. The beyond the beyond in our lifetimes. And while we have been confined to Earth, they have been traveling, so what is in this vast universe that they can open us up to? What picture they can bring us of life out there?

To get us open to a next reality, consider how likely it is that ETs would be friendly. If otherwise, wouldn’t they have attacked by now? And why we’ve had no friendly visit could be they are waiting for us to get that they’re for real. If we were open to them, they could come in with no force or fear in play.


In looking to the circles as a doorway, there’s GREAT NEWS for crop circle fans! What On Earth? is on iTunes. It can really spread around now! Word of mouth can do it. Please let people know.

You could post this on Facebook and Twitter:

GREAT NEWS. Best crop circle movie is on iTunes. WHAT ON EARTH? http://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/what-on-earth/id430909932. Enjoy!