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Be Still My Heart…Introducing Michael Day

There is something about some people that elicits a big YES. You just know that they KNOW. My fantasies are of a retreat center for the likes of these people where we take philosophers’ walks and have hot tub colloquies. My dream gets reignited each time I find another of my dream partners. So, this is to introduce you to Michael Day. I stumbled across him because he stumbled across me. I was basking in the loveliness of an email he sent me, and when I went on his website, listed at the bottom of it, it eclipsed my pleasure at his communication with my pleasure at finding another deep soulmate.

Do yourself the favor of going to his new blog Freedom and Healing and reading his intro to himself, which is a call to all of us. Here are excerpts:

First excerpt:

Over the last 11,000 years, it cannot be said that humanity, as a species, has made very many truly conscious or enlightened choices. That’s not to say that massive advances in science and technology haven’t occurred. They have, but these accomplishments still indicate an innate disability. For one, our DNA has still only been activated to one third of its capacity. Secondly, our brain and nervous system have essentially been held hostage by a profoundly powerful form of negative entrainment known as dualistic thinking. Hence, our focus and creative expression have remained literally locked “outside ourselves” causing us to unconsciously restrict our search for the secret of this universe and our existence to the external or material world that can be seen with the physical eye. This is why the actualization of our full potential will basically remain “locked up” until we finally rediscover that the infinite technology (who we really are) lies dormant inside every one of us.

When we reflect on the impact of a less than fully activated DNA, combined with dualistic thinking, it becomes easier to understand what is meant when we say that humanity is essentially asleep or in a dormant state of ultimate creativity.

This dormancy also fosters a thorough and insidious amnesia which makes it almost impossible for us to know…

– who we really are what we really are why we really are what and why this Earth is.

This pervasive sleep and amnesia has caused us to live in a state of fear and insecurity where most of the time, we feel separate from other human beings…separate from ourselves…and separate from whatever or whomever we choose to refer to as God.

Our psychology is devastated by this dilemma and our general behavior proves this. For the most part, our choices are more narcissistic than they are serving, more care-less than care-full, more focused on “power over” than on empowering, and usually more in the spirit of competition instead of collaboration and cooperation.

And because our thoughts are restricted to a dualistic perspective, we are only able to perceive each moment as a similarity or a difference. This means that we are often not able to easily think outside the box…We find it difficult to maintain contact with the larger picture of any moment…

Second excerpt:

Worst of all…

our external focus causes us to find it difficult, sometimes even threatening to relax and enjoy the infinite possibilities that are the Self and Life. Basically, we are in a trance and every choice we make while in that trance tends to reinforce more than free us from our imprisonment…

We have clearly entered into a phase of our evolution where the magnitude and severity of the present global problems can no longer be effectively remedied by a brilliant or ingenious individual, a socially conscious corporation, or governmental legislation.

Instead, it is becoming increasingly clear that a global transformation of human consciousness may now be our only true solution.

And here is the email Michael Day sent me:

From: michael day [mailtoxxxxxxx]
Subject: Rushing to my computer…


THAT was a truly beautiful film….
The first true documentary on Crop Circles…
Excellent editing…
Great selection of interviews…
Each time a question arose for me…
you handled it in the next section!
You spoke so beautifully to both sides of the brain
and so clearly to the heart.

Thank you so much for all the love…
and perseverance…
and vision…
and occasional alienation by certain people….
thank you for not letting anything stop you.

I bought your film last December
and have been waiting to see it ever since.

I live in Venezuela
and we can rarely get things shipped here
because the only way to do so
is to pay $5.00 a pound with a $75 minimum.
Any other way and the item always gets stolen.
Our shipment that we started building last December
finally arrived last night
and we had breakfast to your video.
By time we’d finished it…
the three of us couldn’t talk.

I look forward to staying in touch with you
over the glorious upcoming years.
I practiced for 30 years as a spiritually oriented psychotherapist
and I used crop circles a lot to help people who came to see me
step deeper into their unique potential.

Thank you also for all the work you have done on yourself
that enabled you to be such a dynamic and clean vehicle.

Busy being the change I want to see in the world…


michael day