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Coming Back Soon

This blog has been inactive for some time, during which the 7,000 plus people on its mailing list have been receiving material and there has been constant activity on the Facebook pages for Suzanne Taylor, for What On Earth?, and for Ex TEDx West Hollywood.

This post is a placeholder to assure you that Suzanne Taylor and Mighty Companions are just as feisty as ever and will be returning to doing regular posts soon.

For a crop circle update, it would seem that the phenomenon has shifted out of England, where the hoaxers have become so contentious that no self-respecting other intelligence would want any more traffic there. However, what is going on in the Netherlands is something else, where the crop circle makers from unknown realms are at play. And perhaps in the rest of the world, as well, where there has been much more activity. But, without any sources to authenticate what’s outside of the Netherlands, although it is likely that we have a burgeoning of the real phenomenon worldwide there’s no way to validate those occruences as to genuine mystery.

For now, look at a clip which speaks to the overall circle situation, that I urge viewers to pass on. Cynicism and skepticism have had far too much sway, where the populace has been steered off paying attention to what is still a fascinating mystery that could be the key to opening humanity’s mind to a bigger picture, beyond the scientific materialism that has us wallowing in greed instead of overflowing with compassion.

What made me a crop circle believer!

In 1993, during my first visit to England, I met Shirley Gifford, who looked to be a typical English housewife, in a crop circle. She told me this story.

The day that formation, made up of two main circles, came in, she and a friend had visited it. She brought a new set of dowsing rods, but there were so many people in the formation that they left and went back early the next morning. When they discovered a third circle — which had a tuft of standing wheat in the center — had been added, they left to report this to some members of the Centre for Crop Circles Studies, who were visiting from America.

When Shirley and her friend returned, still early, she noted that six of the stalks of wheat in the center tuft had bent over, but she didn’t particularly think anything of it and remained in the circle with her back to the center, talking to her friend. A few more people came, and, when she heard them remarking on the fantastic cone shape in the center, she turned around and “there in the centre of the circle was a tightly formed cone. Every single stalk of corn [it was wheat but the English call all grains “corn”] had bent over, twisted and knotted itself into that shape. Yet no one had entered or left the circle at any time. It happened before our very eyes, yet we didn’t see or hear a thing.” Shirley had become kind of the mother of that circle, hanging out in it and telling people the story.

Here’s a picture of her making my drawing of what had happened to the standing tuft.


Here’s the drawing up close — notice Shirley has signed it.

note from notelady edited


And here’s Shirley and me. Gosh, almost 20 years ago!

suz w-note lady




You can listen to Rosie O’Donnell talking about crop circles on two of her recent radio shows, on Sirius:

The first time was for 14 minutes, after she saw What On Earth?  It’s the second link

The second time, I was on the show with her. It’s the third link. You won’t hear what’s minutes remaining in the show after that, when she continued to talk to her sidekicks and callers about the circles. I loved it cause however skeptical anyone was, she said they would change their minds if they saw the movie!

There’s a possibility that I’ll take Rosie to England with me this summer. And am looking forward to her new talk show on Oprah’s network, OWN — she said she wanted me to come on it!

Love to have your thoughts about this development. Leave them in the Comment box here and I’ll share them with Rosie.