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An invite to The Club of One Heart

I was chomping at the bit before Occupy Wall Street to have a game to play. Now, I’m gangbusters. It’s the same objective as the occupiers – to make a world that works. I want to be riding that energy with others. What a good time it is to link up.

I’ve always loved this quote:

Seek, above all for a game worth playing. Such is the advice of the oracle to modern Man. Having found the game, play it with intensity – play as if your life and sanity depended on it. (They do depend on it.)…Though nothing means anything and all roads are marked “no exit,”  yet move as if your movements had some purpose. If life does not seem to offer a game worth playing, then invent one. For it must be clear, even to the most clouded intelligence, that any game is better than no game. – The Master Game by Robert De Ropp

When I created my non-profit I named it Mighty Companions:

Now comes a period of settling down. This is a quiet time, in which the teacher of God rests a while in reasonable peace. Now he consolidates his learning. Now he begins to see the transfer value of what he has learned. Its potential is literally staggering, and the teacher of God is now at the point in his progress at which he sees in it his whole way out. ‘Give up what you do not want, and keep what you do.’ The teacher of God needs this period of respite…when he is ready to go on, he goes with mighty companions beside him. Now he rests a while, and gathers them before going on. He will not go on from here alone. – A Course in Miracles

So, I’m after a new wave of Mighty Companions.

What are the things that can get us to the tipping point, where there is fundamental new thinking going on? What can give new thinking a boost? The crop circles are but one mindblower among others.

I’m checking out whether there’s interest in Los Angeles for face to face engagements.

If you are fans of my movie, this is for you. You need to be willing to be on a team to spread the word about What On Earth?, and to rabble-rouse for other things that could wake the world up to a bigger reality than the one in which we are so violent with one another and abusive to the planet. (See Outside the Box Ideas, column left, for things we might play with.) This time, you have to be savvy about the internet and social media.

The invite to put our heads together is for Sunday, November 6,  3-8 pm, at my house in West Hollywood. Those who’ve come before know that thanks to my housemate, you get treated to delicious food, and that the crop circle phenomenon attracts very interesting people! I’m looking for responses from old buddies, people who’ve come to previous fan events, and friends I haven’t met yet. I’ve missed the pleasure of good company on a somewhat regular basis and hope there’s enough interest to do it again.

Make a Comment on this post to tell me you’d like to come. I screen Comments and unless you have more to say than that you’d like to take part – which I welcome and will post — I’ll just collect the info and won’t post it. If you are someone who wishes you were in L.A. to take part, Comment to tell me that, too. I’ll collect a list for what could develop into an internet branch of The Club of One Heart. And tell me where you live in case there’s enough response to set up live branches.

For more about where I’m coming from, which in essence hasn’t changed for a long time, see my archival site that I put up before the switchover to this format in 2001.

I pledge allegiance to myself,
Which is also all of you
And to the grand idea
Of which we are all a part,
One consciousness,
One intelligence,
With truth as reality for all.


A New Radio Gig + Crop Circles and OWS

Thanks to John Stephenson, who had me on his weekly radio show, Thresholds Into Other Realms, talking about crop circles, I’ll be doing a segment with him regularly. Outside the Box will be about contemporary occurrences or situations that don’t fit in ordinary reality. As I’m looking to expand my playing field to other things that make us rethink reality, “scratch our heads to open our minds” is the idea.

My introductory Outside the Box is the first half hour of part two from last week:

John is a sweetie. Here’s his email to me:

Here is the info I posted throughout the web, I talked you up everywhere  🙂

Also, once it airs it’s picked up on ITunes and about 100 different podcasting sites worldwide. Plus we are a featured show on The UFO Paranormal Radio Network, which also is worldwide.

Don’t miss this Sunday’s “Thresholds Into Other Realms.” We are very pleased to announce that the one and only Suzanne Taylor (the Crop Circle Queen) will be starting her new segment on our show this week! It’s called “Outside The Box” and it will cover all the wild, weird, unusual and downright strange news of the world.

Sundays 7:30 pm CST http://www.ufo-info.com

I added this line as a comment:

For those of you who don’t know Suzanne Taylor, here is a little link for you: http://imdb.com/name/nm0853220

Anybody who Likes What On Earth? on Facebook will see posts about future shows: http://Facebook.com/WhatOnEarth.

And for Netflix to carry it, we need more Netflix subscribers to ask for What On Earth? in their queues. Here’s the direct link for the request:  http://bit.ly/pbkqgG.


I am so moved by this extraordinary situation of OWS spreading throughout the world. Either the help crop circles can offer for opening people’s minds will be unnecessary, or perhaps it could be more useful than ever. This is a comment I just made on Reality Sandwich to Occupy Wall Street: No Demand is Big Enough, by Charles Eisenstein, and the intelligent comments that followed it.

After all the smarts above me — and I bow to them – as a Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude graduate of NYU I have smarts, too, about how crapped up we’ve made the world and about the incredible OWS movement. But how to get it to achieve any objectives? There’s the rub.

The forces of fundamental change are mysterious and elusive, all fitting into that old Hegelian dialectic of thesis, antithesis and synthesis. Antithesis is well along now, and how to shove it over to synthesis is the head scratcher. It could just emerge, like the Berlin wall coming down or the Soviet Union collapsing – somehow it “just happens” when the contradictions to the status quo get too great for the center to hold. Are we at that point? Who knows? But if there were anything to do to evoke the new crystallization wouldn’t that be wonderful? Of course. So here’s my offering.

If it were ascertained that the crop circle phenomenon is for real and that we are being visited by other intelligence, that could be the peaceful shock and awe that could do it for us. All of a sudden, all human beings would be in relation to an otherness – all of us in one curiosity, buzzing together to make sense of what is greater than we are. Buzzing together, we could rethink everything — a consummation devoutly to be wished for, as Willie the Shakes would have said.

No need to argue here about whether there is a mystery to the phenomenon, which no one can know for sure – am just advocating that attention be paid. There is data to be scrutinized, and making that inquiry could turn out to be a very very good thing to do.


Crop Circles as a Portal to Personal and Planetary Transformation

This is a  wonderful opportunity for people to get tuned into the ramifications of the crop circles. I was thrilled to be invited to help to conceive and to host this 4 part webinar that will start August 20. I think it will be dynamite! Check it out for yourselves, and then, if you would, please spread the word.

For cut and paste ease in your social networking world:

“Crop Circles as a Portal to Personal and Planetary Transformation”  http://evolverintensives.com/upcoming/personal-planetary-transformation.html

Shortened for Twitter:

“Crop Circles as a Portal to Personal and Planetary Transformation” http://tinyurl.com/4xdaefd


Here’s the mailing from Evolver Intensives, the sponsor:

What messages are crop circles trying to communicate to us, and are they an invitation for us to shift our worldview?

Join filmmaker Suzanne Taylor and her line-up of guests for the live interactive video course, “Crop Circles as a Portal to Personal and Planetary Transformation” — 4 potentially awareness-shifting sessions, starting August 20th, produced by Evolver Intensives.

The spiritual aspect to the circles often is ignored in discussions about how they are created and whether they are “real.” Not so for our host, Suzanne Taylor. For more than two decades, Suzanne has been captivated by the circles, so much so that she was the force behind CROP CIRCLES: Quest for Truth, the first feature documentary ever made about the circles, which she served as Executive Producer. She went on to produce and direct the award-winning documentary, What On Earth?, which continues to bring the message of the circles to a worldwide audience. Suzanne sees the phenomenon as a spur to humanity to see ourselves as part of a bigger picture, which would help free us from the small-mindedness that leads us to be so destructive to one another and to the planet.

In this course, you will discover how crop circles offer a doorway for you to find yourself in an interconnected universe that is far more miraculous, mysterious, and beautiful than most people imagine.

* Discover the connection between historic Native Americans spiritual practices and crop circles in the United States.
* Observe the sacred geometry that guides the circle design and see how it relates to the design of the universe.
* Learn about the science that proves crop circles are creations beyond any technology known to humanity.
* Get insight into how the circles are calling humanity to move away from its materialist worldview.
* Feel the call of the circles to live in harmony with nature.

In this interactive video series, you will engage with well-respected, fascinating individuals who have had profound involvements with the crop circles. Featured presenters include:

* John Martineau: sacred geometry expert, publisher of Wooden Books and author of QUADRIVIUM: The Four Classical Liberal Arts of Number, Geometry, Music and Cosmology
* Daniel Pinchbeck: author of 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl
* Nancy Talbott: President of the BLT Research Team, Inc., established in 1991 to carry out scientific evaluation of crop circle plants and soils.
* Gary Bobroff: Jungian psychologist, author of Jung, Crop Circles & the Re-Emergence of the Archetypal Feminine
* Jeffrey Wilson: leading researcher of US circles, Director and Co-Founder of the Independent Crop Circle Researchers’ Association

This will be a live, dynamic experience in which you become part of a community sharing real time with thought-shapers who have been closely involved with the crop circle phenomenon.

It all starts on Saturday, August 20th. To learn more, visit: http://evolverintensives.com/upcoming/personal-planetary-transformation.html


Evolver Social Movement members will receive a special discount in a separate mailing. For more about the Evolver Social Movement, please click here: http://www.realitysandwich.com/esm/join-evolver-social-movement-esm

Evolver Intensives are a project of the Prophets Conference and Reality Sandwich.

We hope you join us for this remarkable chance to explore the mysteries of crop circles.