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The Genius of Alex Grey, a panelist for New York

Anything I could say about Alex Grey, who will be a panelist for Q&As after screenings of What On Earth? at New York’s Quad Cinema, on April 27, would not do him justice. He will go down in history as one of our most extraordinary artists, and if you don’t know who he is you’re in for a mind-blowing treat: http://www.alexgrey.com. (If you looked at my post about Sasha Shulgin, the developer of  Ecstasy,  you saw the portrait Alex did.  Here’s where you can find an update on Sasha’s condition.)

You can listen to Alex and his wife, who are wonderful people, talk about the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. It was in New York City for five years before it moved, in order to expand, to a gorgeous spot north of Manhattan. “We are here to build a temple,” says Alex, and it will knock your socks off to see what they are up to. You might even want to help.


Vision to Form from CoSM TV on Vimeo.



Masaru Emoto, the water genius — attention should be paid

My Thoughts on the Catastrophe in Tohoku-Kanto Area is such a moving communication by Masaru Emoto, about being in the earthquake and about how he hadn’t been able to get a go-ahead for working with water to predict them. If you know the beyond-the-beyond work Emoto has done, you will appreciate what he has to say and might want to respond to his call to help with his work.

Masaru Emoto has put out a prayer request for Thursday at noon in every time zone. One of the things I think about is that there may be real power in collective thought, and what a good idea it would be for every government to promote that when something has the world’s attention, so that massive participation would result. Just think of the impact it would have on our worldview if that produced results. It would be a new game – to be able to affect the world and to be working together to do it. With everything to gain and nothing to lose,  how to get the world to try such a thing?



Charles Lawrence, my panelist: Carrying the voice of the natives

I have been acquiring moderators and panelists for Q&As after the two evening shows during my New York run of What On Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery. Some people are circle authorities and some are people who are tuned into the larger reality to which the circles are doorways. I am still adding to the panels so would love to get suggestions. (Here’s the Press Release for New York, that talks about the panels: http://theconversation.org/press-release-2011-03-10.)

I got to the wondrous Charles Lawrence thanks to Elissa Zimmerman. A wondrous being herself, Elissa lives in my neck of the woods, and recently became a friend when I looked into who had bought ten DVDs!

Charles Lawrence

Here are some quotes that touch my heart from an interview with Charles that is introduced this way:

Charles Lawrence, world traveler, former psychologist and businessman whose life took a new course when he experienced a paranormal event. He was adopted and baptized by the Hopi Indians some 20 years ago. The spokesman of the native thought came to Finland for the celebration of the Finnish association “Four Winds”.

Charles Lawrence: Carrying the voice of the natives

“I am leading people out of the confines of domestication into more authentic lives.”

“I am far more focused on being spirited, not spiritual. Radical aliveness is not vacuous spirituality.”

“There are the directions: the wind, the air, the earth, the fire, the water. They are in divine, dynamic participation. Every indigenous culture has this, only this nightmare came along called the western way and disrupted their whole understanding of unity, cohesion and energy all working together.”

“To me there is a difference between so-called “healing” and “creating”, they are contrasting. I worked for many years as a co-healer. I now prefer to stimulate creativity in people. You may call it healing but to me it is helping to inspire, guide that person to go on and live their life in a new way. The Navajo don’t call it healing, because there is nothing to heal. They just put that person back into the original alignment where everything is always positive and healthy.”

“We come to this world, we touch many lives, and one of the big problems, which either Jesus or his followers messed up, is not about treating your neighbour, but to treat yourself the way you want to be treated.”