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Colin Andrews, Crop Circle Culprit, Strikes Again

There is something quite awesome going on in Nancy Talbott’s world. Nancy, who for my money is the most valuable player in the crop circle constellation, was a presenter in the Evolver Webinar series I hosted about the circles. Thanks to Nancy and http://BLTResearch.com, we have scientific experiments which are the key validation that crop circles are a real mystery.

DOORWAYS TO ANOTHER REALITY, the Evolver series I’m hosting that starts this Saturday, June 16, has one presentation about the circles, with the other three being subjects that would be more like a situation Nancy is involved with now — each one will take you out of ordinary reality. Please have a look and consider enrolling.

What Nancy is dealing with now involves Robbert van den Broeke, a Dutch medium around whom crop circles form. For seventeen years, Robbert has been getting “premonitions,” not only that a new event is about to happen — a lot of them appear close to where he is — but often exactly where a circle will form and what it will look like. (Nancy was eye witness to one of them! Knowing how straight-arrow Nancy is, if nothing else lets me know that hoaxers don’t account for all crop circles, this report does.)

I was really excited about her new report on something else about Robbert when I saw this story that crop circle pioneer, Colin Andrews, is telling to disparage it.

Over the years, Colin has made erroneous statements about various aspects of the BLT work. That includes an absurd claim that the results of a 1999 BLT study, conducted on an Edmonton, Canada, crop formation — which provided impressive confirmation of unaccountable changes in the clay minerals in the crop circle soil — “supported” his proclamation that 80% of UK crop circles, during a couple of years when he studied them, were man made. This was in spite of the fact that the BLT study had nothing to do with any UK crop circles. That report was widely circulated, whereby Nancy circulated a correction to it. When Nancy — and I — asked Colin to remove the inaccurate statement from his website, he refused.

I have had my own dealings with Colin, about my work, that echo Nancy’s situation. Here’s a write-up of my latest run-in with him: http://theconversation.org/correspondence-with-colin-andrews-over-his-erroneous-and-misleading-postings-about-me.

Colin claims not only that Nancy’s report (http://bltresearch.com/robbert/delgadochorley.php) about the appearance of the late Pat Delgado, an early circle researcher, on Robbert’s digital and video cameras, is “trickery,” but that she and Robbert have offended Pat’s relatives. Colin provides no substantiation for the trickery claim, and I am skeptical about Pat’s relatives contacting Colin and not Nancy. Also, In the videotape posted in the report (link above), you will see how touched Robbert is at recognizing Pat’s face and how much regard he feels for him, and if any Delgado family member saw the BLT report it’s hard to believe they would have felt that Pat had been mistreated.

An enormous array of other highly anomalous events occur around Robbert, including the clear images of deceased people he gets on digital cameras and on videotape. All this is meticulously documented (see multiple individual reports listed at the bottom of BLT’s page devoted to Robbert’s case, link above), and I trust Nancy’s reporting implicitly.

Also, I saw an un-cut video of Robbert taking pictures, and I know enough about the videographer and someone meaningful to the videographer whose image appeared on Robbert’s camera, to be blown away. We all look forward to a DVD with a compendium of videos that will show some of the incredible things that occur around Robbert, and I think everyone who sees what I have seen will think seriously about the larger grid of intelligence, the “cosmic consciousness,” in which we are embedded.

Bear in mind that Robbert didn’t “ask” for Pat, any more than he has asked for any of the deceased people whose images have appeared (including 60 photos of Nancy’s deceased brother). Robbert is a “medium,” whom the dead apparently can use to communicate with the living, but it is not Robbert’s choice as to who “comes through.”

Robbert’s experiences and Nancy’s careful reporting about the astonishing events that occur around him are intriguing and informative, and Colin has done a disservice to us all in summarily dismissing them.

Hollywood, Crop Circles, and Ayahuasca

Jonathan Talat Phillips, author of The Electric Jesus and co-founder of Reality Sandwich and Evolver (I hosted a series of crop circle webinars, and am about to do another series, for them), has written a review of Wanderlust, a movie that open today. It sets straight a world that is becoming ever more exposed to a life-altering substance: Ayahuasca: What Jennifer Aniston May Not Know About the ‘Spirit Vine’. Boy, does Hollywood get it wrong.


The way Wanderlust treats ayahuasca reminds me of how misrepresented the crop circles were in SIGNS. At first, circle lovers were infuriated – how dare they coopt our beautiful phenomenon?! But then, we realized it wasn’t a totally negative picture. SIGNS acquainted many people with the existence of the circle phenomenon, which is a first step to any dawning awareness. And, we were grateful the movie had the circles coming from aliens — despite how preposterously fictionalized a Hollywood sort of thing it was, at least they weren’t being ascribed to people. In the case of Wanderlust, ayahuasca has been mischaracterized as to how it works and what it does, but at least it’s been introduced to a mainstream audience without demonizing it. Two steps forward, one step back, on the road to the next reality.

PS: From the piece: “National Geographic adventurer Kira Salak wrote about how overcoming a ‘devil’ in an ayahuasca vision vanquished her life-long struggle with depression in what has become ‘the most popular article the magazine has ever published, bringing in 20 times more reader response mail than any previous article.’” See Inside Story, the post I put up in 2006 about that incredible report!

Crop Circles as a Portal to Personal and Planetary Transformation

This is a  wonderful opportunity for people to get tuned into the ramifications of the crop circles. I was thrilled to be invited to help to conceive and to host this 4 part webinar that will start August 20. I think it will be dynamite! Check it out for yourselves, and then, if you would, please spread the word.

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Here’s the mailing from Evolver Intensives, the sponsor:

What messages are crop circles trying to communicate to us, and are they an invitation for us to shift our worldview?

Join filmmaker Suzanne Taylor and her line-up of guests for the live interactive video course, “Crop Circles as a Portal to Personal and Planetary Transformation” — 4 potentially awareness-shifting sessions, starting August 20th, produced by Evolver Intensives.

The spiritual aspect to the circles often is ignored in discussions about how they are created and whether they are “real.” Not so for our host, Suzanne Taylor. For more than two decades, Suzanne has been captivated by the circles, so much so that she was the force behind CROP CIRCLES: Quest for Truth, the first feature documentary ever made about the circles, which she served as Executive Producer. She went on to produce and direct the award-winning documentary, What On Earth?, which continues to bring the message of the circles to a worldwide audience. Suzanne sees the phenomenon as a spur to humanity to see ourselves as part of a bigger picture, which would help free us from the small-mindedness that leads us to be so destructive to one another and to the planet.

In this course, you will discover how crop circles offer a doorway for you to find yourself in an interconnected universe that is far more miraculous, mysterious, and beautiful than most people imagine.

* Discover the connection between historic Native Americans spiritual practices and crop circles in the United States.
* Observe the sacred geometry that guides the circle design and see how it relates to the design of the universe.
* Learn about the science that proves crop circles are creations beyond any technology known to humanity.
* Get insight into how the circles are calling humanity to move away from its materialist worldview.
* Feel the call of the circles to live in harmony with nature.

In this interactive video series, you will engage with well-respected, fascinating individuals who have had profound involvements with the crop circles. Featured presenters include:

* John Martineau: sacred geometry expert, publisher of Wooden Books and author of QUADRIVIUM: The Four Classical Liberal Arts of Number, Geometry, Music and Cosmology
* Daniel Pinchbeck: author of 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl
* Nancy Talbott: President of the BLT Research Team, Inc., established in 1991 to carry out scientific evaluation of crop circle plants and soils.
* Gary Bobroff: Jungian psychologist, author of Jung, Crop Circles & the Re-Emergence of the Archetypal Feminine
* Jeffrey Wilson: leading researcher of US circles, Director and Co-Founder of the Independent Crop Circle Researchers’ Association

This will be a live, dynamic experience in which you become part of a community sharing real time with thought-shapers who have been closely involved with the crop circle phenomenon.

It all starts on Saturday, August 20th. To learn more, visit: http://evolverintensives.com/upcoming/personal-planetary-transformation.html


Evolver Social Movement members will receive a special discount in a separate mailing. For more about the Evolver Social Movement, please click here: http://www.realitysandwich.com/esm/join-evolver-social-movement-esm

Evolver Intensives are a project of the Prophets Conference and Reality Sandwich.

We hope you join us for this remarkable chance to explore the mysteries of crop circles.