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Is the Oil Spill an End or a Beginning?


Of all the people writing and speaking today, I am most attracted to Graham Hancock and Daniel Pinchbeck, who orient me to where we are at the time in history. I point you here to a disturbing blog post on Reality Sandwich that Daniel has written about the Gulf oil situation, speaking to the Armageddon that it could be. In this excerpt, Daniel, who is in my movie given his fascination with the crop circle phenomenon, speaks eloquently to the transformational possibility inherent in this disaster. My comment would be something that we both speak to, which is how the circles could be the instrument for creating a shift of consciousness without the destructive sort of cause that usually is responsible for a change of thinking as massive as the one we need to make.

I think of Reality Sandwich, “a web magazine for this time of intense transformation” that Daniel co-founded, for which he is the Editorial Director, as the Huffington Post of the kind of new thought that is vital to be engaging in. The comments that are made after Daniel and others make posts are mesmerizing challenges to how overstretched we already are in keeping up with our cyberspace universes. I picked up this compliment from one of the comments:

Thank you Daniel and RS for creating space for such amazing insights and conversations. You have given a powerful synopsis of the collective crossroads we are quickly approaching. I am given hope by this community.



The Gulf Oil Spill as the Unfolding of Prophecy




I try to maintain faith that the human spirit will awaken in time to liberate itself from the prison that has been built around it. While my doubts grow, I continue to work for that result – to hope and to pray for it. What seems more likely is that the great churning multitude of humanity will choose to remain distracted, disconnected, pursuing narcissistic aims, vain and virtual pleasures, as the natural world, the generative earth, crumbles around them. On what the Russian mystic G I Gurdjieff called our “ill-fated planet,” most people apparently prefer to die rather than awaken to the situation, think for themselves, and join together in a collective movement to restore the earth and build a sustainable and equitable global society. Many of us can see the awakening happening, but it seems to be coming far too slowly, in hesitant fits and starts, while the destructive force also grows in strength, pumping up the volume on mind control technologies, predatory drones able to assassinate from a distance, data-mining intelligence operations, and all the rest of the sterile evils that our technocrat sociopaths can envision and unleash.

These are aspects of my current view of the world: the faltering of my faith, that horrible presentiment that the forces of disillusion and destruction have already triumphed, that creepy familiar feeling (as if I already experienced this, long ago, on some other lost world, many forgotten splinters of incarnated lifetimes ago) of failure and futility. On another level, I feel an equally uncanny presentiment that all of this is still going perfectly according to plan, that the script of our collective world movie/space odyssey has to unscroll or unfurl in just this stomach-clenching way, toward its still mysterious denouement. Observing my own life, I see that it often takes a drastic crisis to spur me into action – perhaps that is the only way change ever takes place, on the individual or species level.

The environmental and economic meltdown could clear away all the obstacles and obstructions that keep us from attaining clarity, from putting into practice what we know intuitively to be true. Is it possible that the Jungian archetypal Self – the increasingly humanized god-image that seeks to incarnate in our human world – must bring about the complete breakdown of what is known and familiar, to open the space for what can only be revealed, in the fullness – and emptiness – of time? Perhaps we can only reach the depth dimensions of our higher being through an unfolding mega-crash that exposes all levels of delusion and self-deception, that forces those of us who desire illumination to break all the bonds, the “mind-forg’d manacles,” that keep us from attaining liberation. Or perhaps I am only making a hopeful story out of the toxic rubble and radioactive fragments that will soon be all that remains of our ruined world, if the corporate sociopaths and Little Eichmanns have their way.