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Great book to buy!

The crop circle season is in full flower. You can track the formations as they come in here (scroll down), where each gets a page of pictures and information.

There are good books that give you the history of the circles and beautiful pictures of them, but there is only one book that takes you into the sense of discovery of what it is about them that blows your mind. And it is by a gifted writer, as well. Michael Glickman, an Englishman who was early on into the circles, which you learn about in my movie, taught architecture at USC when he lived in the States. Also, he is a designer, so he is uniquely positioned to appreciate the design factor of what the circles are demonstrating. That they are pretty patterns is one thing, but the staggering intelligence that is being delivered is another, and he will show you how the circle indeed are “the bones of God.”

From the back cover:

“Glickman lucidly explains the intelligence and prodigious skill behind the design and geometry of an amazing and interrelated range of crop formations, and he brings an acute intellect to bear on the complex interdisciplinary signals encoded in these agrarian riddles…The text, while avoiding dogmatic certainties, raises fundamentally challenging questions about the origin and meaning of the circles, the reason for their current manifestation, and our own evolving role in the wider universe.”

Buy this great read through this link, and your filmmaker will get a little piece of the action: http://tinyurl.com/32plbh5

Also, our film T-shirt is available to purchase. The image on it was drawn by Michael Glickman back in 1991, and it is considered by most to be the star formation of all time, loaded with intelligence  that is still being analyzed. Get the T-shirt here: