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Tesla Crop Circle Glyph — Free Energy

First of all, thanks so much to all of you who posted on Yahoo about the crop circle video, getting the word out about my movie. The comments continued to be overwhelmingly critical of the video — but it could be cause it was all of you! Am continuing to try to see if Toyota would follow up cause of how mad people got at them. And look on my blog for how many of you wrote to me — never got so many responses, and, as I’ve said, that was only people who posted directly on the blog. My own person email was swamped. In fact, to get on the blog, where I’d like to put all the comments on all the posts, please do it through the comments boxes at the end of each blog entry, which is the way your remarks can indeed get on the blog site.


Here’s a story from UFO Digest, analyzing a particular crop circle. (Photo by Lucy Pringle of a glyph from 2004.) I pass it along not because I expect non-scientists to pore over what it says, but to show you a typical sort of thing the circles give rise to. Many pieces are written about many circles to describe intelligence that is embedded in them.

People frequently wonder what the message is of the circles, as if they are a giant jigsaw puzzle and we will get the picture when we get all the pieces fitted together. Or that they are something like hieroglyphics, and we’ll get their message when we get everything translated. I don’t think so. My speculation is that each formation is its own bundle of encoded smarts. It’s not about deciphering the master message, but about getting it that some source is trying to get attention to itself. Intelligence, intelligence intelligence pulses at us. I think of the circlemakers scratching whatever passes for the heads in wonderment that we haven’t realized, en masse, that they exist: “We see you, we understand you, we are feeding back evidence. When are you going to get it that that’s what’s going on?”

I was especially impelled to pass on a story about this particular formation because this one has a featured spot in my movie. It was perfect on the ground, with all the stalks laid in a gorgeous carpet, nothing damaged, no evidence of any human tampering. “Yes, there is a real phenomenon,” says Andy Thomas, who is using this perfect glyph in his presentation to a conference audience about the fact that there incontrovertibly is a real phenomenon.

Great book to buy!

The crop circle season is in full flower. You can track the formations as they come in here (scroll down), where each gets a page of pictures and information.

There are good books that give you the history of the circles and beautiful pictures of them, but there is only one book that takes you into the sense of discovery of what it is about them that blows your mind. And it is by a gifted writer, as well. Michael Glickman, an Englishman who was early on into the circles, which you learn about in my movie, taught architecture at USC when he lived in the States. Also, he is a designer, so he is uniquely positioned to appreciate the design factor of what the circles are demonstrating. That they are pretty patterns is one thing, but the staggering intelligence that is being delivered is another, and he will show you how the circle indeed are “the bones of God.”

From the back cover:

“Glickman lucidly explains the intelligence and prodigious skill behind the design and geometry of an amazing and interrelated range of crop formations, and he brings an acute intellect to bear on the complex interdisciplinary signals encoded in these agrarian riddles…The text, while avoiding dogmatic certainties, raises fundamentally challenging questions about the origin and meaning of the circles, the reason for their current manifestation, and our own evolving role in the wider universe.”

Buy this great read through this link, and your filmmaker will get a little piece of the action: http://tinyurl.com/32plbh5

Also, our film T-shirt is available to purchase. The image on it was drawn by Michael Glickman back in 1991, and it is considered by most to be the star formation of all time, loaded with intelligence  that is still being analyzed. Get the T-shirt here:


Get your crop circle pictures, and more, here!

Lucy Pringle, who has the UK’s most comprehensive photographic crop circle library, is my go-to person to get crop circle photos and calendars, as well as charming items with crop circle pictures and patterns on them. I love the bone china mug and the trippy magic cube.

Here are some of Lucy’s pictures of this year’s circles:

I’m often asked about the effect that being in a crop circle has on people, which brings Lucy to mind. Working with scientists from Russia and France, Lucy is a pioneer researcher into the effects of the subtle energies in the circles’ electromagnetic fields. See Lucy’s homepage for her articles about that, and more.

She has a large database of the physiological and psychological effects reported by people in crop formations, ranging from total nausea and disorientation to remarkable healing for challenges as diverse as long standing severe neck pain and hearing loss. Wanting to be sure, however, that we did not overstate the case for healing, Lucy said this to me:

“Beneficial healing effects in arthritis and Parkinson’s have been quite remarkable, although only temporary. In one instance, shaking stopped for 24 hours, which, for a Parkinson sufferer, was unheard of and an incredible physical relief. This particular result is something that keeps me rooted to my research, as, if we could find a cure for Parkinson’s thanks to the circles, that would make my day a thousand, million times and more.”

Her recent research has focused on hormonal effects after only a few minutes of exposure to circle energies, where significant changes in estrogen, thyroxin and melatonin levels have been found. Working with the geo-physics and biophysics of plant changes, raised levels of protein in seeds also have been found. In addition, significantly raised levels of nitrogen and bicarbonate, using the Yara technique for trace minerals, have consistently been discovered in water buried inside formations compared with water buried outside the formations. (Says Lucy, “This work with water ties in very much with the findings of Jacques Benveniste — see this article on my site: http://www.lucypringle.co.uk/articles/memory — whose work finally was accredited, after his death.”)

The work that Lucy does is generating interest in mainstream medical circles. Currently, she is working with an eminent scientist on a book describing the physics/science behind the crop circle phenomenon. This book promises to demonstrate once and for all that a genuine phenomenon exists.

Lucy is self-funded and every donation enables her to go further with her research and is very much appreciated. Contact her at LucyPringle@aol.com.