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All Things Coming Up Rosie

It is something perhaps to contemplate that I was the last interview on Rosie O’Donnell’s last TV show on Oprah’s network, OWN. I trust it was tongue in cheek when several people suggested that that’s what got the show cancelled!


Rosie was excited about discovering  my movie on her Sirius Radio show last year, before she started on the TV Show, and then had me on with her and told me that she’d be doing a crop circle show with me on OWN – that turned into what’s above!

A blog post that links to the radio shows

There are a few other Rosie things to share. One is a backstage interview her OWN producer did with me. Here’s an edited 4 minutes of that.


And the other is Rosie’s 2-minute swansong where she explains the show’s cancellation, which I thought she did with extraordinary grace:


4,400 people Liked Rosie’s Facebook page post about the show ending, and a couple thousand of them wrote her love notes – she is a formidable force and I wish there was a direct way you all could urge her to go with me to England this summer and be the celebrity that could get attention paid to the circles.




You can listen to Rosie O’Donnell talking about crop circles on two of her recent radio shows, on Sirius:

The first time was for 14 minutes, after she saw What On Earth?  It’s the second link

The second time, I was on the show with her. It’s the third link. You won’t hear what’s minutes remaining in the show after that, when she continued to talk to her sidekicks and callers about the circles. I loved it cause however skeptical anyone was, she said they would change their minds if they saw the movie!

There’s a possibility that I’ll take Rosie to England with me this summer. And am looking forward to her new talk show on Oprah’s network, OWN — she said she wanted me to come on it!

Love to have your thoughts about this development. Leave them in the Comment box here and I’ll share them with Rosie.