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Coming Back Soon

This blog has been inactive for some time, during which the 7,000 plus people on its mailing list have been receiving material and there has been constant activity on the Facebook pages for Suzanne Taylor, for What On Earth?, and for Ex TEDx West Hollywood.

This post is a placeholder to assure you that Suzanne Taylor and Mighty Companions are just as feisty as ever and will be returning to doing regular posts soon.

For a crop circle update, it would seem that the phenomenon has shifted out of England, where the hoaxers have become so contentious that no self-respecting other intelligence would want any more traffic there. However, what is going on in the Netherlands is something else, where the crop circle makers from unknown realms are at play. And perhaps in the rest of the world, as well, where there has been much more activity. But, without any sources to authenticate what’s outside of the Netherlands, although it is likely that we have a burgeoning of the real phenomenon worldwide there’s no way to validate those occruences as to genuine mystery.

For now, look at a clip which speaks to the overall circle situation, that I urge viewers to pass on. Cynicism and skepticism have had far too much sway, where the populace has been steered off paying attention to what is still a fascinating mystery that could be the key to opening humanity’s mind to a bigger picture, beyond the scientific materialism that has us wallowing in greed instead of overflowing with compassion.

“Ancient Aliens,” Tuesdays 8-10 on History Channel, a must see!!!!

I am so excited!!!

OK, you guys, the first of five programs on the History Channel, that was on last Tuesday, was fabulous. You are so lucky you can watch it on iTunes. It’s a DON’T MISS!!!!!

Ancient Aliens
Click the Image to Watch the Program

Here’s a Facebook page about the series, so you can see about the four shows coming up on Tuesday nights, from 8:00 to 10:00.

I was interviewed for a segment about crop circles, for the third program, May 4. There were no hair or make-up artists, making me look good, and having been an actress, where you always got your hair and make-up done, I thought this show would be schlocky. What a surprise. You couldn’t watch and not conclude we have been helped by creatures from elsewhere. Here’s what Kerry McKenna, the singer in my film, sent to her list:

Amazing!!! Mind blowing for sure. I was awestruck by the new ideas put forward for why and how the pyramids worked…phew!!! I think this series is going to make us realise once and for all that we have never been alone here on this little planet.

By the way, my real world career was acting. I was a drama major in college, and you can see my credits, mostly for TV shows, here. As of now, there’s an episode of the Dick van Dyke Show posted, where I play Mary’s best friend from college! Egads, it was 1966, when I was a mere girl (not). Actually, I was most successful making commercials, which they don’t post on that page – in pre-lib days, those one day jobs didn’t keep me away from the babies and my domestic chores for too long!

One more thing. Anybody got a couple hundred thousand dollars to loan out? THE place to go in crop circle country, for tourists and croppies, is the Silent Circle, which doesn’t have a location and is threatened with non-existence this year. That money is the price of the lease on the ideal spot. Or, if anyone knows another spot in the middle of circle land, speak now. Contact Charles Mallet s79669@dr.com. Time is of the essence.