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Coming Back Soon

This blog has been inactive for some time, during which the 7,000 plus people on its mailing list have been receiving material and there has been constant activity on the Facebook pages for Suzanne Taylor, for What On Earth?, and for Ex TEDx West Hollywood.

This post is a placeholder to assure you that Suzanne Taylor and Mighty Companions are just as feisty as ever and will be returning to doing regular posts soon.

For a crop circle update, it would seem that the phenomenon has shifted out of England, where the hoaxers have become so contentious that no self-respecting other intelligence would want any more traffic there. However, what is going on in the Netherlands is something else, where the crop circle makers from unknown realms are at play. And perhaps in the rest of the world, as well, where there has been much more activity. But, without any sources to authenticate what’s outside of the Netherlands, although it is likely that we have a burgeoning of the real phenomenon worldwide there’s no way to validate those occruences as to genuine mystery.

For now, look at a clip which speaks to the overall circle situation, that I urge viewers to pass on. Cynicism and skepticism have had far too much sway, where the populace has been steered off paying attention to what is still a fascinating mystery that could be the key to opening humanity’s mind to a bigger picture, beyond the scientific materialism that has us wallowing in greed instead of overflowing with compassion.


I’m the lead-off speaker for COSMIC REUNION 2012, a high-minded event “to assist in the awakening process,” on Thanksgiving weekend in Los Angeles. I’m glad to be first so I can set the context of the need for new worldview, and so I can encourage interaction among attendees. (Do you have suggestions for questions they can ask each other? Maybe I can instigate new questions being posed for time periods throughout the weekend, to help people have meaningful exchanges.)  

portal to ascention

Here’s what’s on the event site about me and my talk:

Suzanne Taylor, Producer/Director of What On Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery (http://CropCircleMovie.com), has been involved with films since she graduated Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude from NYU. Having been an actress (http://imdb.com/name/nm0853220), she crossed over to the other side of the camera as the Executive Producer of the 2002 feature documentary, CROP CIRCLES: Quest for Truth. The new film, which was well-reviewed in The New York Times, won the Award for Best Feature Documentary at the UFO Congress Film Festival, where the first film got the Audience Award. What On Earth? also got the award for Excellence in Paranormal Filmmaking from the Paranormal Symposium and Film Festival, and it just had its TV premiere on CPT12, a Colorado PBS station. Suzanne is a crop circle authority on the Ancient Aliens television series on the History Channel. Recently she got a license to produce a TEDx West Hollywood event, and Making the Quantum Leap, or, Brother Can You Spare a Paradigm is in the planning stages.

As the founder of Mighty Companions, a non-profit dedicated to consciousness expansion, her Los Angeles home is a gathering place for forward-thinking activists. A fine arts post-impressionist painter, Suzanne had a one woman show. She is an accomplished chef, and author of The Anybody Can Make It, Everybody Will Love It Cookbook. She writes a blog, Making Sense of These Times (http://TheConversation.org), where posts about progressive ideas include considerations of how consciousness might evolve and how instrumental the crop circle phenomenon could be in that regard.


A breakthrough in our collective consciousness, to where we come into a new worldview, is vital at this time in history. For the last few years I’ve mostly focused on the crop circle phenomenon as something that could bring that about. Being the “crop circle queen,” however, is a subset of being the consciousness lady.

I’ll talk about my colorful path through Hollywood as a queen of commercials, married to a multiple Emmy winning TV writer/producer/director. And then on to my immersion in the world of transformation and consciousness, and providing a gathering place in Los Angeles for forward thinking activists who want to make this a better world.

As I was producing events and projects to open people’s minds about what is outside the box of ordinary reality, it became my mission to inform the world about the circle phenomenon. Now, I am at the beginning of what I’ve written up as my new “Vital Mission” (http://theconversation.org/blog/vital-mission-will-you-join-me.org). My presentation will include an invitation to think together about what we could do. What moves could be made, for instance, to create a dialogue that could seed possibilities for humanity to shift its worldview?

We need to go from the outdated worldview we hold now, based on Newtonian physics of cause and effect, to what would be supported by science, which has moved on to validate us being in a quantum reality. Beyond space and time, we are interdependent and interconnected, and, if we understood our oneness has been established by science, it would impact the picture we hold and the story we tell of who we are and what we are doing here.

A New Radio Gig + Crop Circles and OWS

Thanks to John Stephenson, who had me on his weekly radio show, Thresholds Into Other Realms, talking about crop circles, I’ll be doing a segment with him regularly. Outside the Box will be about contemporary occurrences or situations that don’t fit in ordinary reality. As I’m looking to expand my playing field to other things that make us rethink reality, “scratch our heads to open our minds” is the idea.

My introductory Outside the Box is the first half hour of part two from last week:

John is a sweetie. Here’s his email to me:

Here is the info I posted throughout the web, I talked you up everywhere  🙂

Also, once it airs it’s picked up on ITunes and about 100 different podcasting sites worldwide. Plus we are a featured show on The UFO Paranormal Radio Network, which also is worldwide.

Don’t miss this Sunday’s “Thresholds Into Other Realms.” We are very pleased to announce that the one and only Suzanne Taylor (the Crop Circle Queen) will be starting her new segment on our show this week! It’s called “Outside The Box” and it will cover all the wild, weird, unusual and downright strange news of the world.

Sundays 7:30 pm CST http://www.ufo-info.com

I added this line as a comment:

For those of you who don’t know Suzanne Taylor, here is a little link for you: http://imdb.com/name/nm0853220

Anybody who Likes What On Earth? on Facebook will see posts about future shows: http://Facebook.com/WhatOnEarth.

And for Netflix to carry it, we need more Netflix subscribers to ask for What On Earth? in their queues. Here’s the direct link for the request:  http://bit.ly/pbkqgG.


I am so moved by this extraordinary situation of OWS spreading throughout the world. Either the help crop circles can offer for opening people’s minds will be unnecessary, or perhaps it could be more useful than ever. This is a comment I just made on Reality Sandwich to Occupy Wall Street: No Demand is Big Enough, by Charles Eisenstein, and the intelligent comments that followed it.

After all the smarts above me — and I bow to them – as a Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude graduate of NYU I have smarts, too, about how crapped up we’ve made the world and about the incredible OWS movement. But how to get it to achieve any objectives? There’s the rub.

The forces of fundamental change are mysterious and elusive, all fitting into that old Hegelian dialectic of thesis, antithesis and synthesis. Antithesis is well along now, and how to shove it over to synthesis is the head scratcher. It could just emerge, like the Berlin wall coming down or the Soviet Union collapsing – somehow it “just happens” when the contradictions to the status quo get too great for the center to hold. Are we at that point? Who knows? But if there were anything to do to evoke the new crystallization wouldn’t that be wonderful? Of course. So here’s my offering.

If it were ascertained that the crop circle phenomenon is for real and that we are being visited by other intelligence, that could be the peaceful shock and awe that could do it for us. All of a sudden, all human beings would be in relation to an otherness – all of us in one curiosity, buzzing together to make sense of what is greater than we are. Buzzing together, we could rethink everything — a consummation devoutly to be wished for, as Willie the Shakes would have said.

No need to argue here about whether there is a mystery to the phenomenon, which no one can know for sure – am just advocating that attention be paid. There is data to be scrutinized, and making that inquiry could turn out to be a very very good thing to do.