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One of the most amazing interviews Whitley Strieber ever has done

You people who didn’t have the treat of listening to Graham Hancock in L.A. last week, as I did at one of his talks, you are in luck. He’s just done a radio show with Whitley Strieber, and you can listen to it here. No excuses. It’s an order. There are few people who are saying things that are as interesting or as important. That he is a doll of a person is icing on the cake — you will hear it. He’s in my handful who I’d like to get into my hot tub for a serious contemplation of who we are and what we’re doing here.

Whitley already came to dinner, albeit at a table, after what he said about my movie.
“Suzanne Taylor has created one of the most magnificent, startlingly brilliant DVDs on the phenomenon ever produced. BUY THE DVD: Brilliant, groundbreaking crop formation documentary. Incredibly beautiful and powerful.”
You have to be a Whitley subscriber to get his radio show that I did some months ago (and that’s a very good idea!), when he put that blurb on his website, but for two weeks you can listen to Graham free. LISTEN UP!
After I wrote what’s above, I got on Whitley’s site to see how to listen. I had just trusted it would be good, seeing as it was Graham and Whitley. And look what Whitley has put up:
In this stunner for Unknowncountry.com subscribers, Graham Hancock talks about the lost human world of the deep past, that was destroyed 12,000 years ago in a tremendous cataclysm. He describes the over 200 dives he has made off the coast of Japan at Yonaguni, exploring the sunken ruins there, where he has found a gigantic sculptured human face, carved canals, and all manner of evidence that this immense structure is actually of human construction.

This is one of the most amazing interviews we have ever done for Unknowncountry, and is not to be missed. Graham says that we are at the edge of a time of incredible change, possibly involving another crustal shift, but that we can affect what happens in some very profound and surprising ways.

If you listen to nothing else on Unknowncountry.com, listen to this.

Not a subscriber? Get started today. [Click here].

Graham’s new book, that he talks about, is “Entangled,” and you can get it here.