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Daniel Pinchbeck Nails Reality

????Perhaps some walls are tumbling down. For Daniel Pinchbeck, a fine writer and excellent speaker, who deals with shamanism and 2012 and crop circles, to turn up on the Business Insider website, is noteworthy. Although Daniel usually tells me he doesn’t agree with me — could it be  love spats? — in fact I am very much in agreement with him. When I listen to him, I feel like I am at the core of my perceptions that have me stoked on the circles. We need a shock to the gears of our tightly meshed system, and the circle phenomenon could give us a jolt that would have us reexamining the unworkable world we have moved into that Daniels is so articulate about.

Here are excerpts from a “fascinating interview” with him, “The 2012 Mayan Collapse May Crush your Portfolio,” which expand on things Daniel talks about in What On Earth? .

If an alien race were to make itself known to us, what would they have to say about American capitalism in its current form?


I think that a star-faring alien race, based on their survey of many worlds, would recognize our form of capitalism as a transitional system. It is the type of system that develops once a species establishes rational scientific inquiry and attains limited ego-based consciousness, but before it transcends that level of development to reach a truly holistic and planetary level of consciousness. With its tremendous dynamism, capitalism has meshed the world together through trade routes and communications technology. Soon we will need to supersede it to create a regenerative planetary culture where the rights of nature are protected, where manufacturing is redesigned to become zero waste, as William McDonogue describes in Cradle to Cradle, and where maximum efficiency is used in a systemic redesign of our built environment and our social institutions. We will also develop alternative instruments to exchange value, as the economist Bernard Lietaer describes in The Future of Money, or Tom Greco explores in The End of Money and the Future of Civilization.

As I discuss in my new book, Notes from the Edge Times, capitalism in its pure form has reached the limit of its usefulness and has become a destructive force. This is because the logic of the system forces the constant creation of new markets and turns all sorts of human relations into monetary exchanges. Nature has no rights under this system, and it is to the benefit of market calculations to turn natural reserves into economic producers – for instance, a forest has little economic value in itself, but when the trees are taken out and it is converted into a parking lot or soybean farm, it creates a series of economic transactions that feed the GDP. Since we have reached the resource limits of the earth, a system that runs on the ideology of endless economic growth and infinite material progress can no longer function and will soon self-destruct. The aliens in their silver ships would know about this, and would feel great concern that in the approaching chaos, horrific and meaningless destruction may be unleashed.

Other pithy comments Daniel made:
It does seem that many indicators point toward the inevitability of a global financial collapse, and this meltdown may very well occur around 2012. The global financial system is built on a debt pyramid. As long as there were new markets to penetrate and new resources to exploit, it was possible to ignore this, but now that the planet has been fully globalized and resources are declining, it is becoming impossible. According to many geologists, we are now facing “peak oil,” the point at which the annual amount of fossil fuels we are able to extract first levels off and then begins to decline, even as global demand for oil continues to grow. Personally, I hope the collapse of the financial system leads to a mass awakening as we recognize we have been focusing on virtual abstractions and profit-driven calculations that have nothing to do with the actual health and biodiversity of the earth or the resilience of our communities, and threaten our prospects for long-term continuity as a species...

I am not particularly concerned about the date. It is quite clear that we are in the crucible of a transformation, and either humanity will make a transition to a different form of civilization and a new awareness, or we will most likely not survive, at least in anything close to our current state. According to current estimates, 25% of all mammalian species – perhaps all species in general – will be extinct in 30 years. The melting of the glaciers and ice caps will eventually lead to coastal flooding and also deprive hundreds of millions of people of fresh water. The pollution of the global environment is rebounding negatively on human health, leading to epidemics of cancers and new mysterious syndromes that affect more and more people. We are all part of an uncontrolled scientific experiment, as nobody knows how much of the web of life on earth can be torn apart by our heedless behavior before the eco-system no longer supports the existence of large mammals such as ourselves. The collapse of bee and butterfly species that work for us as pollinators is one unambiguous warning signal…

I had a wide range of psychic, paranormal, and visionary experiences that ultimately convinced me there were other levels or dimensions of psychic life, that it was quite probable that the soul continues after death in other worlds, and so on. From my perspective, when you encounter these other aspects of reality, the goal of acquiring personal wealth and succeeding in the rat race doesn’t really make much sense. There is so much more happening in the cosmos, and it is the evolution of your soul and spirit that is ultimately important, not the numbers in your bank account.

Do Listen!

I’ve done a lot of radio shows, and if you haven’t heard me do one I’d love you to listen to this, with Ilene Dillon, who’s on my wave length.

I enjoy dishing about the circles, and for anybody who can recommend me to shows in your area, here’s a sampling of more: http://www.whatonearththemovie.com/flash/#/press — click RADIO.

Someone working with Ilene, who was listening as she and I talked, sent me something afterward that I was so touched by that I am sharing the sweetness.

Hi Suzanne ~

You know, usually Ilene has to prod me to speak up, but I guess you bring out the chatty part of me!

I am looking forward to seeing your movie, and I am so glad to know about your engagement of this phenomenon and the lovely relationship you have to all-things-curious. I am currently contemplating “mystery” from a new angle and imagining re-inventing myself to become a “Mystery Coach.” I’m thinkin’ it’d be a good use of my formal training in Social Work and Coaching, not to mention 30+ years of swimming in mystery myself! I’d like to assist folks in moving past what is known, traversing the fear of the unknown, and teaching the skills of how to be and do what has never been done before.

I mention all this for the purpose of wanting to give substance to my words in saying to you, You inspire a creativity that I feel at a very deep level of my being. Listening to you talk with Ilene today has enlivened my long-time love of crop circles and the mystery of the “Circle-Makers” – as I like to call ‘them’. I am excited as I wonder about the way I might incorporate the Circle-Makers into my teaching/coaching plan – it’d be such a fun platform for demonstrating a practical engagement with mystery.

So I am just wondering out loud here as a tribute to you and how contagious your generous enthusiasm is to those of us who hear what you have to say. Thanks very much for being in the world and doing whatever you do – today, it’s your crop circles work, but with you I imagine your enthusiasm is all-pervasive!


Deki Fox
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

It was lively in the chat room during the show, and here’s something I loved from someone there: “Crop circles are something we can SEE, TOUCH and let the mind puzzle over while the heart opens to the mystery they are.”

And here’s a bit of chat room transcript. Ilene and I were talking about the natives in South America, with no concept of ships, not recognizing them in their harbors when the white man came to the New World:

DD: The shamans/holy men of the tribe caught the vision/meaning of the ships on the horizon and told stories that made sense to the natives until they could then understand what they were seeing.

DD: Suzanne is our current-day shaman with regards to the crop circles!

Ilene: don’t understand what you’re saying with that one, DD

DD: The shamans did ‘work’ until the ‘people’ could make sense of what they saw.

See the ball stop. Stop, ball, stop.

In the movie, we talk about balls of light that are seen skimming across fields. Sometimes, right afterwards, those fields turn up with circles. What are the balls? Are they scouting the fields? Or what?

We have footage in the film of one of them. What’s not in the film is footage of another one, shot by Kerry McKenna, the singer in my movie (her website says “Artist::Musician::Visionary” — I’ll vouch for that!). The footage isn’t as clear as it would have needed to be to have been used in the movie, but you get it after the explanation Kerry gave me.

First, Kerry sees the ball in her viewfinder, moving along. You’ll hear her commenting. Then, it stops. She changes to a longer shot, where you see that people who don’t see the ball have passed where it would have intersected with them. After that, it resumes moving along.

Soooooo, the ball is under intelligent control. It knows to stop to let the people pass. A giant WOW!!! Have a look: