Catching Up


Despite the last entry being dated March 29th, rest assured I have not disappeared. A website re-make here plus an entirely new website called Doorway Cafe is in the works, so stay tuned. My mailing list has been hearing from me. To catch up with what they know, please see:

I did make a pit-stop post at the end of April, to edit my 4-minute sizzle reel from our Ex TEDx program, Brother, Can You Spare a Paradigm?, into the last official post on March 29. Now, here’s a juicy 18 minutes that will give you more of the flavor of what got presented that started under TED’s auspice and that created a platform for a conversation about our worldview that’s bigger than TED.  More to come on this as I negotiate with TED about sharing the program with their audience, which I am much more keen on than they are. May the god of websites smile kindly on me and get me a good one soon. Stay tuned.

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