Vital Mission! Will you join me?

After the first two webinars of DOORWAYS TO ANOTHER REALITY: Peering into the Inner and Outer Mysteries, I am getting more than I bargained for. I am not just bringing some of my favorite people to an audience, but I am being impacted myself with some coherent sense about the cusp we are on between worldviews, and of where we might put our attention to best help the “conscious evolution” we so need.

Achieving new views of reality and, by implication, a sustainable modern civilization requires enlightened efforts to establish a fundamental shift in common perceptions leading to changes in thinking, values, behavior and actions based on the concepts of inter-connectedness, cooperation, and interdependence in all human endeavors  –Edgar Mitchell

edgar mitchell

stephan schwartz

Stephan Schwartz and Edgar Mitchell have been inspirational for me. In steeping myself in their material, I’ve been getting clarity about the case we can make for what needs to occur. Just as bringing crop circles to the attention of the world was a mission for me, I feel a sense of mission about popularizing the picture of the next stage of evolution.

First, people have to get fired up to the possibility that we can get to the next stage of evolution. If I were the boss of humanity I’d tell you it’s a requirement to watch this 48-minute “Transformational Dialogue” with Stephan. From this video:

I am interested in how individual consciousness links together and creates mass phenomena and social change. The part that I’m particularly interested in is called non-local consciousness. It is that aspect of us which is not limited by space and time. It is the part of us that has the near death experience…that we open to in meditation…that we contact when we send healing intention to another…that has moments of genius or that has religious or spiritual epiphanies…or has a déjà vu experience or a premonition about something.”

“What this research is all telling us collectively is that all life is interconnected and interdependent. So that when we think about the choices we make we need to recognize that our choice is a vote for all life. The choices that we make are either life-affirming or life-denying!”

Edgar Mitchell crossed over the space-time divide on his way back from the moon. My second commandment as the god of understanding would be for you to read this piece that he wrote: Needed: A New Perspective. From the piece:

“Since the 17th century science has been based on the belief that all phenomena are the results of blind but predictable interactions of matter. This orientation has led to a reductionist view of reality and a materialistic focus – one of consumption, competition, conflict and domination. However, by the end of the 20th century, new scientific evidence has emerged from the field of quantum mechanics and the study of so-called supernatural phenomena that render the reductionist view of reality not only untenable but incorrect as well.”

“Just as modern Homo Sapiens displaced Neanderthal man, so too must modern man evolve to the next level of further knowledge, sophistication and refinement.” 

“Humankind’s next phase of evolution will be more an evolution in thought, knowledge, spirituality and consciousness than one involving our biology or physiology…Predicated on credible science, peoples of the world must come to understand that we really are only as strong as our weakest link; that what we do to others we do to ourselves; and that we are indeed our brother’s keeper quite literally. When this comes about, it will be the dawn of a new day, and solutions to every other major threat, problem or challenge we face will quickly find their remedy, but certainly not before. To be sure, we must act quickly to embark on our journey deeper into the quantum realm, for time is not on our side.”

Pythagoras poster

In October, I’ll be at the Pythagoras Conference, showing What On Earth? and speaking. I just read this by Michael Tellinger, who is on the bill with me.

The discoveries keep coming at a rapid pace and it is amazing how everything is starting to fold into one large pond of connected information. Genetic research shows us how we are all connected to the morphogenic field and how every atom in the universe is connected to us at the quantum level, pointing to Unity Consciousness as the backdrop for all of the stuff we see and cannot see. It is now clear that we cannot separate anything from anything else and it is a direct indication of our origins from a unified field of source consciousness.

 I’ve emailed this response:

This is much on my mind now. My thoughts go to the value of popularizing that understanding. We will not change our collective worldview without a new picture in our minds, and that we are embedded in a domain beyond space and time is the basis for that picture. How to get this to be a topic we publicly converse about? I think that is key.

I am looking for allies to make what Edgar Mitchell called “enlightened efforts to establish a fundamental shift in common perceptions.” Does this speak to you and will you join me? I welcome any comments on what I’ve written which I consider to be a work in progress to state the case for this new mission I am on.

And we still have three more webinars to go for DOORWAYS TO ANOTHER REALITY: Peering into Inner and Outer Mysteries, which promise to be as mind-expanding as the first two were. If you sign up now, you will get the archives for the first two:

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  1. Thank you for the invitation, Suzanne. Do you remember the story of me and Anne visiting the “S” crop formation at Heers (Belgium) on April 18th 2004? We met this cellular biologist there who told us his and his girlfriends extraordinary experience in Wiltshire U.K. where they saw a crop circle formation being spread out before their own eyes in an adjacent corn field in about 20 seconds of time. About 15 minutes later a military convoy arrived with short-tempered soldiers jumping out of jeeps, chasing everyone away while confiscating some cameras.

    Now let’s talk a little bit further upon this observation. How come the military arrived 15 minutes after the formation was put down in the field? Meaning that they did know about the planning of it and also where it was going to come down. So was it a military operation of their own or was it a combined military/ET operation? I’d tend to believe that it’s the latter. EMP-energy can only be used on a short-range distance ruling out the use of the military SDI satellites. So it probably has been executed by a low level cloaked platform, in other words a UFO.

    It also perfectly correlates with the technical findings of Nancy Talbott’s BLT Research Team. During some nightly observations in mountain areas under a clear and transparent sky, using Nikon 10×30 binoculars, I found out that it’s swarming with life up there amidst the stars. It’s as if they know you’re there watching and they are putting on a show for you. And I have the impression that it’s beoming more and more busy around planet Earth, as if there is a gathering for something to come, some event in connection with our Earth.

    Time shall teach us what it’s going to be. I would like you to listen to Bob Dean: I like him very much ’cause I also worked for aviation as an AIS officer. Bob Dean confirms my own observations. I am retired and offering advice for a Belgian official UFO organisation.

    Dear Suzanne, I think that we’re approaching the times that humanity will discover the real reality we’re living in. I visited many crop formations and felt them as being some kind of introduction or invitation to prepare ourselves for that new reality. We finally have the right to know. Our universe is crowded with life and the time has come for us to join our cosmic brothers and sisters. The crop formations messages are entirely clear about that. The old world is going and a new age is dawning for all of us. The divine human flame will go on burning.

  2. I echo Mary Carroll Nelson, and ‘power of thought’ is central!

    “I cannot stress to you too much how important THOUGHT is. THOUGHT, THOUGHT is the most powerful thing that you posses.” Salumet 12 Sept 1994.

    I quote our Angelic Guide. ‘Thought’ is indeed the super-power that you are mobilizing Suzanne. Let it run free. Congratulations!

  3. Love this dialogue, Suzanne. And in the video you link, Stephan Schwartz’s dream of “psycho-physical self-regulation” as a “meditation” alternative is a great idea for the nervous (Republican-type) amongst us. What a great conversation!
    Thank you, as always, for your great work.

  4. I want to compliment you on a suggestion you made last week to Edgar Mitchell, that the power of thought be mobilized to bring about the shift in consciousness we expect to occur.

    This concept interests me greatly, especially now that we see how little effect one person has on the political process without immense funds to sway the results.

    The Harmonic Convergence was a singular success, affecting millions of people. It came from the mind of one person compounded by the responses of many, and it started with a brainstorm in a hotel room.

    I think you have the influence to rally other people by moving through organized groups who support ideas tangent to your own. In 1982, I founded the Society of Layerists in Multi-Media (SLMM, a network for artists who express a holistic perspective. 300 artists in the US and Canada form one network in a network of networks. We have held symposia, organized shows, published books, and reached out to people who have inspired our artists in their work, and, more importantly, in their thoughts. Our premise is that everything Is ultimately connected to everything else. In 1990, Willis Harman was our keynote speaker.

    We are holding an exhibition 10/6-11/11 in Taos at the Millicent Rogers Museum: The Omega and the Alpha, in the end is the beginning. The latest of our books is Visual Journeys, Art of the 21st Century. Our purpose, like yours, is to educate others about Oneness.

    In my response to your suggestion about thought power, I am reminded of our society relating to many other small groups who have joined each other to find simpatico people. There must be many such groups. If you get the ball rolling just in the crop circle people, it will spread through newsletters and websites. There is no reason to wait for someone else to do that because you have created a powerful podium. I admire what you have done.

    The current Evolver series is fascinating. Congratulations and best regards.

    Mary Carroll Nelson

    1. I think you have the influence to rally other people by moving through organized groups who support ideas tangent to your own…In my response to your suggestion about thought power, I am reminded of our society relating to many other small groups who have joined each other to find simpatico people. There must be many such groups. If you get the ball rolling just in the crop circle people, it will spread through newsletters and websites. There is no reason to wait for someone else to do that because you have created a powerful podium.

      This would be the dream, and thanks so much for encouraging me. I am no super-power, but hopefully the tiem is right for linking up in a big enough force to make ourselves heard! Am listening for suggestions and ideas — and collecting allies!

  5. Hi Cosmic Sister. Really great stuff, Suzanne. The Schwartz Report clearly outlines how we may bring in a new Golden Age. You certainly are on the right track. Keep up the great works. Will keep following, cheering you on.

  6. Well Suzanne, we could say that Newtonian physics concerns the space-time creation and no more. Einstein takes us far beyond that, equating ‘energy’ to the material creation. E=mc2 reads left to right and symbolises precisely this. [Sadly, nuclear bomb scientists use the equation backwards, converting a few atoms back to vast primordial energy. Ouch!] Einstein knew intuitively that beyond physics and fields there is a Unifying Principle, and he devoted time to seeking a Unified Field Theory. But of course 20th-century maths cannot elucidate beyond the space-time boundary. Other modus operandi must be used, unfamiliar and alien to mainstream scientists and that is something not yet fully realised. Nevertheless, through scientific reason, space-time clearly involves time as a ‘variable factor’ that embodies past/present/future, implying a predetermination of future. Therefore, an acceptable scientific way forward might be to evaluate ‘prediction’.

    [Quantum theory doesn’t apply here—too mechanistic: ‘Big fleas have little fleas, upon their backs to bite ’em, And little fleas have lesser fleas, and so ad infinitum.’ QT might be seen as a device that may give useful answers, but at the end of the day, as stated, it remains just a theory.]

    One could easily draw up an imposing list concerning, for example: an inviolable shortlist from Nostradamus texts, Mary’s crowd-testified visions with prophecies given to young children, St Malachy’s pope list of 1140 and the published Bible Code events and its analysis. And the principle of prophecy has actually been demonstrated by means of linked-random-number-generator-experiments. Occasionally, a subsequent event has remained virtually unknown as a prophecy. During the Fatima visions of 1917, Mary had stated there would be a ‘great unknown light’ in the night skies to announce the start of World War II. It happened, and indeed, the news media of 25th January 1938 reported exactly that. (The plans for invading Austria were already by then in the Berlin Reich Chancellery. That was the start.) Those reporting the unexplained light either did not know or had clean forgot the prophecy! In 2000 I published a brainstorming philosophy, A SMUDGE IN TIME , exploring these various matters in great detail, and it will very shortly become available on Kindle.

    So we could present the REALITY of prophecy, in scientific terms backed up by experiment, for general reading, and regardless of how traditional scientists regard it. This to illustrate that there is much more to this universe than just the hardware of our planetary home. The question then arises: do we think on this or are we just here for the beer?

    1. Can’t just be here for beer, since I’ve never liked it. Maybe for the wine, though.

      You’re beyond where I know enough. I thought quantum theory gave us the fundamental domain for dissolving past, present and future.

      However, of all the aspects of the nonlocal universe, cognitions about the future are the hardest ones for me. Things like hooking people up to devices to measure their reactions to pictures being flashed at them where the reactions precede the flashes (simplistically, attractive pictures and scary ones) boggle my mind — but I know there are statistical results confirming precognition in those experiments. Nailing down the possibility of prophesy being accurate would be another piece of the mind blowing argument for our next worldview.

  7. Scientific proof of the eternal non-material life beyond space-time: Yes Suzanne! We might well be heading in that direction. But will the revelation be reported to public or withheld in order to preserve comfortable status quo? Would whatever scientific reasoning is involved be understood by public? Individual thinkers have had the answers for quite some time—18th century Emanuel Swedenborg knew mind/consciousness to be external to material creation and that brain could process thought-behind-words to its known language. He has been described as ‘a neuroscientist before his time,’ but those facts sadly remain controversial. He was without doubt a brilliant one!

    Earth’s 1-Kilo platinum/Iridium weight standard has, through 122-years, lost 50 micrograms. We know through ET-communication, of the universal law that ‘as the spirituality of a planet increases, all densities decrease’. So the weight loss is a measure of our spiritual progress. But of course, scientists and news media simply say this is not understood. The explanation is only available right here and on the Internet from ET-communications! So THAT candle of possible enlightenment is snuffed out. As to the CERN experiments—they seem to be based on the notion that it is a particle called the Higgs Bosun that confers mass in the creation process, with no expectation of published results until next year. Well, we shall see.

    But there has to be a way forward, and this may be it: There is a gulf between information available on the Internet and that reported by TV and newspapers; also, half the world has no computer. And it has become obvious that important information continues to be withheld by standard TV and newspaper outlets. Suppose an Internet faction such as Google were to produce a WORLDWIDE NEWS SHEET that delivers the really progressive stuff that other sources leave out? This could speed things up—and could reach those parts that Internet does not reach. Already, the Giordano Bruno WorldShift University has been established as the world’s first online university. Why not a world’s first printed news sheet presenting online selected material?

    This might possibly be in relation to cosmic plan. During our group meeting of 25th August 1997 ( – Salumet transcript library section), we were told by a spirit-author who had contributed to the ‘Bible Code’ incorporated in the Torah, that computer-logic is destined to overcome erroneous human-logic—throwing out the untruths, heavily implying that the Internet will become self-correcting. Wow! Anyway it’s as well to bear in mind that our program is overseen, with gentle influence here and there. But we should still strive on our own account of course and input from Suzanne and the rest of us will surely help.

    1. Lots of food for thought here!

      The scientific proof has been around for a long time — in plains sight but its implications have not been embraced
      WHAT IS A QUANTUM THEORY? We have been asking that question for a long time, ever since Max Planck introduced the element of discontinuity we call the quantum a century ago. Since then, the chunkiness of Nature (or at least of our theories about it) has been built into our basic conception of the world. It has prompted a fundamental rethinking of physical theory.

      The scientific information that supports the oneness of creation is in what has been the domain of the mystics. They knew from personal experience, but science had no category for that. Given that our arbiter of reality confirms our interconnectivity and interdependence, now it is possible to shift a worldview which is based on Newtonian ideas of a mechanical universe of cause and effect.

      But are we talking about that? How about if we do? Let’s start by talking about the need to be dialoguing about a different worldview — that it’s fingers in the dike to fix all our problems while we cling to the belief system in which they arose. Change the worldview and you stand the best chance to fix everything. So why not go at it? We even could run advertising campaigns.

      Get on the oneness train!

      Whoever does the most good wins!

      More for you is more for me!

      Make the ideation familiar to people that science supports oneness. Then point to mystics, near death experiencers, mediators, remote viewers, and more! Jesus and Buddha weren’t “other,” but were all that we could be. Run the world based on their understanding, with compassion and cooperation as the fundamentals.

      “Why not a world’s first printed news sheet presenting online selected material?,” you ask. Any brilliant editors out there who would create a Huffington Post of the quantum world? I’d get behind that!

      On Stephan’s webinar, I suggested the creation of a website in the vein of for political progressives to engage in campaigns. How about a website that puts out intentions for large numbers of people to focus on, and see if we can influence reality? We have results from things like distant healing — i.e. the power of mind over matter.

      For the readers here, be it know that George for years has been part of a group that works with a full-trance medium and channel to make contact with the other side ( The homepage of the website ends with this:

      “You may find some of the information presented challenges your beliefs. We are certainly challenged at times by it all. We only ask that you strive to be of open mind, as you embark on this journey of spiritual unfoldment…”

  8. Wow, Suzanne!

    You’ve really hit a strong nerve here with your statement of mission. Why, 19 comments already! But I must say that you didn’t need to recruit any of the people who have commented. They are more than willing and able to join your mission. However, you really need to think about recruiting those folks out there who would put up some resistance against you transcendental charms, like, for example, Andy Russell, who put up that surly, sullen, dour and glowering blog against you called “Circular State of Mind.”

    Anyway, I thought I would try my hand at recruiting Andy for you, so I just posted this comment on his odious blog entry entitled:

    Suzanne Taylor – Do I Denounce Thee? [Let me Count the Ways! ;=[)


    Move over, Uncle Sam, because . . .


    Yes, indeedy, Andy, now is your chance at redemption. I’m sure Aunt Suzi will forgive you if you enlist in her non-local army and muster up with your company of transcendental troops.


    Vital Mission! Will you join me?

    Just as bringing crop circles to the attention of the world was a mission for me, I feel a sense of mission about popularizing the picture of the next stage of evolution. . . .

    We will not change our collective worldview without a new picture in our minds, and that we are embedded in a domain beyond space and time is the basis for that picture. How to get this to be a topic we publicly converse about? I think that is key.

    I am looking for allies to make what Edgar Mitchell called “enlightened efforts to establish a fundamental shift in common perceptions.” Does this speak to you and will you join me? I welcome any comments on what I’ve written which I consider to be a work in progress to state the case for this new mission I am on.


    She’s on a mission, Andy, and you can be part of it! Don’t let your silly, surly, sullen skepticism stand in the way of your conscious evolution. I mean, you do want to evolve, don’t you, Andy?

    Think back to the time when you were so Neanderthal-like. OK, it was a rough go, but you did manage to get the hang of natural selection and became a fine specimen of Homo Sapiens. But now it’s time to evolve to the next stage, Andy. Let’s call it: Homo Suzannes.

  9. Too true Suzanne. The “Theory of Dissipative Structure” is yet another description of our rapidly evolving drama of change, just as “singularity”, nexus or omega point. Words alone cannot begin to describe or contain the progression of novel energies and synergies we are collectively passing through. Any discussion quickly becomes another “Babel” of descriptions, related to many evolving parts, hoping to somehow reveal wholes.

    Indeed the “Cognitive Dissonance”
    being experienced by all of us as we collectively surf this unraveling of our cultural world views highlights our lack of a new meta-narrative, of a new story that evolves through art and ecstatic practices to birth our re-connection and enchantment with life.

    So how can we state Big Picture directions in answer to the “is there anything to do “ impulse? Maybe we don’t. Since, ironically, we cannot tell where we are going, or know how to “solve” it, till we can describe exactly where we are at … to comprehend what’s going on.

    The good news comes with our surrender to transformation, of crossing a perceived edge; of not knowing but trusting our process. We collectively, over time, created these challenges and we can solve them by listening and acting upon our deeper wisdom, to the knowing that sings to each of us. Our job is to actively listen, not just hear but to dynamically open ourselves simply to the sound of it; to the sound of what happens.

    But what do I mean by that? Be open to knowing ones self by listening with your heart to the voices of your authentic self speaking. As you say: “When your mind is stretched, loaded with real learning, by self, transformation occurs. You experience and see things differently. You are transformed.”

    This process happened for me last evening when after reading your reply post and having immediate “ideas” stimulated by your thoughtful comments I felt that behind these ideas was also a calm knowing that I should allow some time and a nights sleep to add their zest to the mix and open some space for other voices to speak.

    What, or if anything, this could mean I didn’t know, but it didn’t take long to discover. In an unplanned manner a DVD of a recent drama came into my possession and unusually for me I had an evening alone to watch it and the film spoke to issues of change and identity, responsibility and possibilities for a new human response, through love, that was inspiring and touching to behold. It even had a recurring image of singular impossibility coming closer and closer towards us that was obviously becoming a watershed encounter for humanity. Part of me was enthralled and another part was not surprised at all: the movie is called “Another Earth”.

    Then in the morning, following a night of involved dreams featuring a sound track of Brahms 2nd Symphony (that most joyous and uplifting of symphonic works), I heard more “time released” information with the same Brahms playing on the radio and then two YouTube videos being sent to me by a friend where Michael Meade theorizes about evolving solutions to our collective dilemmas :

    Occupy Your Soul

    Michael Meade – The Need for the Ecstatic

    To me this becomes confirmation of my own deep feelings and perceptions. I feel encouraged by the self to affirm the collaborative process within and without to the fact that we are being given the answers constantly; we only need to pay attention.

    So I experience your call for collaboration as a bold manifestation Suzanne of your creative and soul process that has a certain resonance. I heard it and responded to it, so can others in creating a dialog that could seed possibilities around which action can crystallize. Then maybe, perhaps most likely, something completely novel and informing will result instead; if so, that would become the “sound of what happens”.

    1. Re-reading your first comment I see I was remiss in not appreciating you for how beautifully you write, and how intelligently you think. Here’s more of it. What a pleasure. As I type this, the time for the webinar I am hosting is coming up faster than I can follow the links you’ve provided, and I don’t want to deprive those who are reading this before I get to come back to it from seeing it, so am posting it now. Will come back later after I do some homework.

      In the meantime, this is well put as to what I have in mind: “creating a dialog that could seed possibilities around which action can crystallize.”

  10. Nice work, loved your words, but for me all of this that is life, the creation of all things in space and things on earth, for me the answers are not so important. How can we explain the crop circles to people that don’t want to know about them? It’s like telling a non-believer about God when they are not ready to hear about Him. There is a lady that lived for many years just with a little water and the breath of life. Do you believe that? Or seeing the miracle of the sun in Majugory where children have talked with the mother of Jesus. Are not these things impossible to to share with those that have not received the gift of Faith? What is more important, being in union with God through meditation which will lead to contemplation, or using our energy for other things when the answers are within us all?

    Crop circles are interesting, but I don’t have a lot of time on earth, and so my interest lies in playing with our new grandson … I know in this life there will be things we can’t explain and that makes life interesting, but I think at that end of our life it won’t matter so much — but you and I believe and that is all that is important.

    1. Glad it sounded good. Did you watch the video of Stephan? That’s how to explain. And what Edgar wrote, also. Knowledge is power.

      I’m not talking about having an experience but rather getting the understanding that there is a realm beyond space and time in which we are interconnected and interdependent. Getting personally tuned in would become interesting if you knew there was something to tune into. It’s groundwork I’m suggesting now.

      Some of us get one direction in life and some get another. I’m on the mission track, to do what I can to serve the whole. Next life perhaps I’ll immerse myself in grandbabies!

  11. I did get attached to the mystics – over time. Having begun as an atheist and feeling of a separate nature, I began Transcendental Meditation 38 years ago…and now, I feel “I am” that which you speak of. We are told that ALL of us are THAT, but our ego and outside stuff overwhelm us with other things and we lose contact with our inner, more quiet, and expanded nature.

    Those who have ears…let them hear. It is there for all.

    Just practice getting quiet EVERY DAY…and it comes. But each one has to do that…no one can take a pill for instant results. I feel I’m doing and being my part in this. All of us have special talents and skills and need to find our niche in the work that needs to be done.

    With tons of appreciation and love for what you are contributing…it is very special!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks, Nancy. One of the things that would come out of an education campaign to verify the existence of the non-local domain that you contact in meditation is that people would get turned on to the idea of having a practice! As Stephan says, that’s the high road for intentionally accessing it.



  13. Aha! Consciousness evolution—changes in thinking—beyond space-time concept … all very fine words! The change we contemplate was expressed elegantly by Richard Bach in his book “Illusions”: ‘What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.’ Are we about to move upwards from Earthbound materialism with its lack of love principle? Yes, we now HAVE to become that butterfly.
    We know that beyond the constraint of space-time, processes act many times faster than light speed. Thought, spirit communication, prayer, and mind-link communications with ET-friends—all experienced by our UK Kingsclere Group—happen instantaneously, as published on our website and in book form. This agrees with a statement in Ervin Laszlo’s book “Science and the Akashic Field”: ‘through torsion waves in the vacuum the A-field links things and events in the universe at staggering speeds—a billion times the velocity of light’. We know this to be so and it has all been published. And (currently underused) ‘brain’ is the wonderful biological computer that has the capacity to download the (beyond space-time) thought-behind-words, so that there is no language barrier. Exciting stuff!

    Sadly, those dedicated to preserving Earthly 100% material status quo, with its awful weaponry and finance syndromes, remain unaware. But as consciousness takes a leap and widespread thinking occurs, that old system crumbles. That is the restlessness that we see in the world right now. A weapon in the ‘status quo camp’ is the withholding of information—UFOs, crop circles, 30,000 years old Bosnian pyramids, etc. But the Internet is taking care of that. And we should not overlook Wikileaks—anti-info-withhold. That also is a sign of our changing times—a move towards openness—universal oneness. Well done Julian! And well done Suzanne for helping to bring it all together!

    1. I want to make sure my point is made. There is the way it is, with all the progress being made that hopefully will supersede all the ignorance that’s in place. As you say,”…as consciousness takes a leap and widespread thinking occurs, that old system crumbles.”

      What I’m suggesting is to become pro-active to inform those who do not know that there is a reality that supersedes the one we are in, and we can prove it to them. We couldn’t have some hundred years ago, till science came upon the quantum realms and established the interconnection and interdependence of everything. Our scientific knowledge is the tool to flesh out, in the public’s mind, the new story — oneness validated by science. Popularizing that understanding I think would be a very good thing to be doing now. It’s an education campaign – not a preachy one about how nice oneness is, but a compelling one because of proof by science.

  14. Knowing what I know through the true information outlets on the net like Coast to Coast am etc should scare the hell out of me but instead makes me sure that the Divine Cosmic Event planned even before the creation of this planet which we seem to be on the threshold of will not be allowed to be interfered with by any being. If – as many sources are saying the planet is about to move to the 4th dimension then the ability to manipulate – control – lie and commit every other form of spritual suffering on humanity will simply cease to exist. These are famine days for the soul and abundant days for the senses. With every fibre of my being I wish and pray for the new world we are being promised of co-operation – oneness – compassion and most of all bucketfulls of love. May it be so.

  15. After having seen Colin Andrews Conscious Circles I was bewildered. In the very beginning of his lecture I could see many small orbs floating around Colin and then suddenly they all took off!
    I contacted Colin Andrews about this and he told me that he had experienced this for many years but could still not grasp what it was. My guess it is because his life long interest in the crop circle phenomenon and orbs have been filmed in the fields in England. But these were smaller orbs circling around Colin.
    I wish skeptics could watch this DVD and be baffled by the floating orbs around Colin but they would surely try to explain it away as an optical illusion.

  16. I agree, Suzanne. We are approaching a concrescence of metaphysical and spiritual quickening in our evolution.

    I believe we are experiencing this shift as a time-released opening into a new stage of consciousness produced by our collective, rapid approach into an encounter with an omega point of singularity.

    A rite of passage for humanity, that will be experienced both as inspiring and loving as well as testing and ruthless. A collective soul-driven spiritual intelligence choice point, between habit and novelty, love and fear.

    Shooting through the singularity rapids of global environmental, cultural, social and political extremes will be exciting and challenging.

    Humanity will be required to tread skillfully, in a balancing act of letting go of its old false and exploitative ‘power over’ control models.

    This transformation must be accomplished through developing a global citizen ethic, of an inclusive nurturance for all life, by overcoming our outdated predatory habits.

    We face this challenge now as the inheritors of a growing, yet sufficiently great collective wisdom and intelligence. Experiences that have been fundamentally preparing us, all along, for our current coming emergence and metamorphosis.

    You and me, everything and every one of us, we are all beings of self-conscious remembering and extraordinary potential. Mortal witnesses in a divine play, a sacred theater, of our living, loving and dying. A convergence of passion and intelligence, ambition and imagination, will, purpose and possibilities that drives us, now, onto the pointy edge of a stupendous probability.

    A sacred initiation of joyfully crossing through a testing portal of irrational proportions, into a revision, revelation and rebirth of life and purpose on Earth and in the cosmos.

    1. OK — so is there anything to do? We are moving but are still stuck in what needs to reorganize. A shift could just come about naturally –enough contradiction to the status quo eventually generates a reordering. The old Hegelian dialectic described that — theses, antithesis, new synthesis. The synthesis becomes the new thesis and the cycle starts again. And Ilya Prigogine got a Nobel Prize in chemistry from work that described how shift occurs when there is too much contradiction to the status quo:

      It was called “Theory of Dissipative Structure”. This is a process in which change, or rather transformation can occur in energy systems…

      When systems absorb energy they can become unstable, and as more and more energy is loaded into the system they become so unstable that transformation take place. This is the perturbation process which people go through in life, when real change, transformation occur.

      Examples? When water is brought to its boiling point, it is transformed to steam.

      When your mind is stretched, loaded with real learning, by self, transformation occurs. You experience and see things differently. You are transformed.

      I don’t know about “produced by our collective, rapid approach into an encounter with an omega point of singularity,” although that may be a way to describe the process we are in. But, however true that may be, how to develop “a global citizen ethic, of an inclusive nurturance for all life, by overcoming our outdated predatory habits” is the challenge.

  17. For awhile now I’ve come to a scary concluetion Earth is A Bio-lab a sperical Peti dish How many birds do you need how many frogs how many butterflies?They say that this planet is 4.5 billion yrs old..on it there have been…countless life forms. News ones discovered all the time..some fossilised even…it is said it’s eveloution? In millions of years Creation can’t get it right? There are ‘trillions’ of stars in the Universe….and this place the one with life? Something out there knows…but isn’t Telling thanks for listening

  18. Humans/scientists on this planet are stuck in an intellectual rut, closing their minds to many possibilities. Why this should be so is a big question, and what to do about it is an even bigger one. It is totally analogous to pre-Copernican times. If only Lloyd Pye’s Starchild could be given a FULL dna test, then that might help enormously to get the ball rolling. In the meantime, I salute your endeavours into these areas which are of the utmost importance.

    1. That skull being proved to be a human-alien hybrid indeed could revolutionize our perspective — the same way the crop circles could. Everything that is real outside of what we take to be real busts a paradigm that needs busting. It would be a different sort of breakthrough than what our two webinars have been dealing with — and we have two webinars about the circles coming up as other Doorways to Another Reality that challenge the conventional worldview.

  19. The unconditioned, non dual nature of all appearances, all possible universes, especially as it applies to human awareness, is I feel, of utmost importance in these considerations.

    The fundamental shift needed in this world is that of awakening to one’s inherent, causeless nature, one’s absolute wholeness.

    All phenomena, being both temporal form and formless nature, have the capacity for inspiring remembrance of one’s wholeness.

    In other words, the miracle of the crop circles, happened in your heart long, long before you ever knew about them!

    Once we fully behold all the circles convey, isn’t the wisdom we experience something you’ve always known in your heart?

    If we approach this happening with conditioned minds, our conditioning is all we’ll find!

    Any “shift” rooted in what changes will fail.

    Buddha said, “What changes, dies. What doesn’t change does not die, because it was never born.”

    The nature of unconditioned awareness demands unconditional presence. Such awareness knows thought for what it is, and isn’t.

    Thought, emotion, action/reaction, are bound in time. If that is between us, how can we truly see and hear each other?

    The same is true for the circles, as it is for true physical, spiritual, mental and emotional health.

    Why do we react to the unknown with fear and anger?

    Because the thinker is doing our thinking for us!

    Freedom from all conditioning is the proper place to begin and end any great social shift, in my very humble opinion…

    Freedom forever…

    1. This is a beautiful evocation of non-dual awareness. It is the domain beyond space and time. I’ve given platforms to people who are teaching this, some of whom have spent stretches living in my house.

      Some years ago, when Papaji, who was in the lineage of Ramana Maharshi, sent a squadron of non-dual teachers out, Los Angeles was a stomping ground for them — on one weekend there were five different workshops. I thought we were going to get over the hump — that this was the convincing teaching of the next reality. But it did not grow into the mass movement I hoped for, and we are still mired in an outdated worldview. Tuning into what non-dual teachers are delivering will get you to that space that our webinars are dealing with.

      This is the personal sort of work to be done. And what I am looking at now is people becoming aware of that — that there is work to be done and it will tune them into the place we all need to be aware of and tuning into.

  20. Not only is the future inevitable but so too is a more enlightened future. Despite certain appearances, we are evolving as a species and the tipping point for a radical shift in consciousness is being rapidly sensed around the planet. We each need to daily raise ourselves up in service to humanity and the Mother Earth with a spirit of growing optimism and enthusiasm, and be fully open to ever greater opportunities of fulfilling our divine potential.

    1. For sure it’s the trajectory. What excites me about what I’m seeing, in the progression we are in, is how we can “prove” the viability of the next reality. Quantum theorizing has given us the underpinning with which we can redress the previously entrenched Cartesian duality and move into a worldview of independence and interconnection that fulfills our divine potential.

  21. Hey, we need a SIMPLE down-to-earth way of speaking of the present…and the future paradigms. I like this one from 35-plus years ago – Werner Erhard and the est training.

    You AND Me … not … You OR Me.

    Our present paradigm is You OR Me, and our present world situation is a direct correlate to its two basic assumptions – shortages and disconnection. You AND Me is based on the co-created bases of connection and the basic human resource of creativity and love-as-bond being widely available.

    1. What you are saying is very much like what someone in my movie, What On Earth?, says. — that the world is running on the ideas of “us or them” and “not enough to go around.” The film gave me a soapbox!

      How to move us into that next worldview that we can speak of in many ways, yours being a good one? If people at large got, from the evidence for it, that there is a realm beyond space and time, I think that would be the ticket. To make people aware of that I see as the job at hand.

  22. Stop trying so hard.
    The enlightened teachers tell us that trying to wake up takes us away from waking up. There is a Taoist saying that the master takes action by not taking action. Allowing everything to be as it is and to enjoy the suchness of whatever is happening (good or bad) is the key to align with what is. Difficult to do though because the ego wants to act

    1. We are in different realms. It’s not the waking up realm as a personal experience that I am predicating anything on. Without personally tapping the realm of the mystics, people can see the evidence for it and know that our worldview, based on separation, is wrong.

      PS: When you discover the reality beyond space and time, that might lead you to engage in practices that attune you to it.

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