After the first two webinars of DOORWAYS TO ANOTHER REALITY: Peering into the Inner and Outer Mysteries, I am getting more than I bargained for. I am not just bringing some of my favorite people to an audience, but I am being impacted myself with some coherent sense about the cusp we are on between worldviews, and of where we might put our attention to best help the “conscious evolution” we so need.

Achieving new views of reality and, by implication, a sustainable modern civilization requires enlightened efforts to establish a fundamental shift in common perceptions leading to changes in thinking, values, behavior and actions based on the concepts of inter-connectedness, cooperation, and interdependence in all human endeavors  -Edgar Mitchell

edgar mitchell

stephan schwartz

Stephan Schwartz and Edgar Mitchell have been inspirational for me. In steeping myself in their material, I’ve been getting clarity about the case we can make for what needs to occur. Just as bringing crop circles to the attention of the world was a mission for me, I feel a sense of mission about popularizing the picture of the next stage of evolution.

First, people have to get fired up to the possibility that we can get to the next stage of evolution. If I were the boss of humanity I’d tell you it’s a requirement to watch this 48-minute “Transformational Dialogue” with Stephan. From this video:

I am interested in how individual consciousness links together and creates mass phenomena and social change. The part that I’m particularly interested in is called non-local consciousness. It is that aspect of us which is not limited by space and time. It is the part of us that has the near death experience…that we open to in meditation…that we contact when we send healing intention to another…that has moments of genius or that has religious or spiritual epiphanies…or has a déjà vu experience or a premonition about something.”

“What this research is all telling us collectively is that all life is interconnected and interdependent. So that when we think about the choices we make we need to recognize that our choice is a vote for all life. The choices that we make are either life-affirming or life-denying!”

Edgar Mitchell crossed over the space-time divide on his way back from the moon. My second commandment as the god of understanding would be for you to read this piece that he wrote: Needed: A New Perspective. From the piece:

“Since the 17th century science has been based on the belief that all phenomena are the results of blind but predictable interactions of matter. This orientation has led to a reductionist view of reality and a materialistic focus – one of consumption, competition, conflict and domination. However, by the end of the 20th century, new scientific evidence has emerged from the field of quantum mechanics and the study of so-called supernatural phenomena that render the reductionist view of reality not only untenable but incorrect as well.”

“Just as modern Homo Sapiens displaced Neanderthal man, so too must modern man evolve to the next level of further knowledge, sophistication and refinement.” 

“Humankind’s next phase of evolution will be more an evolution in thought, knowledge, spirituality and consciousness than one involving our biology or physiology…Predicated on credible science, peoples of the world must come to understand that we really are only as strong as our weakest link; that what we do to others we do to ourselves; and that we are indeed our brother’s keeper quite literally. When this comes about, it will be the dawn of a new day, and solutions to every other major threat, problem or challenge we face will quickly find their remedy, but certainly not before. To be sure, we must act quickly to embark on our journey deeper into the quantum realm, for time is not on our side.”

Pythagoras poster

In October, I’ll be at the Pythagoras Conference, showing What On Earth? and speaking. I just read this by Michael Tellinger, who is on the bill with me.

The discoveries keep coming at a rapid pace and it is amazing how everything is starting to fold into one large pond of connected information. Genetic research shows us how we are all connected to the morphogenic field and how every atom in the universe is connected to us at the quantum level, pointing to Unity Consciousness as the backdrop for all of the stuff we see and cannot see. It is now clear that we cannot separate anything from anything else and it is a direct indication of our origins from a unified field of source consciousness.

 I’ve emailed this response:

This is much on my mind now. My thoughts go to the value of popularizing that understanding. We will not change our collective worldview without a new picture in our minds, and that we are embedded in a domain beyond space and time is the basis for that picture. How to get this to be a topic we publicly converse about? I think that is key.

I am looking for allies to make what Edgar Mitchell called “enlightened efforts to establish a fundamental shift in common perceptions.” Does this speak to you and will you join me? I welcome any comments on what I’ve written which I consider to be a work in progress to state the case for this new mission I am on.

And we still have three more webinars to go for DOORWAYS TO ANOTHER REALITY: Peering into Inner and Outer Mysteries, which promise to be as mind-expanding as the first two were. If you sign up now, you will get the archives for the first two: