*See below if you haven’t seen the email I sent out about this.


Anyone who knows me is aware of how supportive I can be of people who need help. Steve Bassett was one of those people. What I’ve gotten for my generosity is a lawsuit he has filed against me in an attempt — after housing him, feeding him, giving him a car to drive, throwing parties for him, getting him gigs, and even donating money to his cause — to do what amounts to extorting money from me.

Before this gets out of the UFO/Disclosure community, to where it becomes public knowledge that a community leader is engaging in such behavior, I encourage communicating to Steve to ask him to withdraw his lawsuit. I am up against a deadline today for having to hire a lawyer, so please speak now.

What Steve has trumped up is in reaction to my writing about his sneaking out of my house the last time he stayed, having borrowed money on false pretenses and having not fulfilled his obligation to be on a work exchange for parking with me for months and for what I gave him during that time. I said I would make my writing public if he didn’t get square with me to put in time helping me and to pay back $1650 I loaned him:

“If you could provide a short-term loan ($1650) to get the shipping payment to Broad Link in Hong Kong ASAP, I will give you my personal guarantee you will be paid back in full no later than the end of the year, and likely sooner, with interest.”

He’d arrived Thanksgiving but it was 11 months before he paid me the $1,650 – with no interest, and then because I was going to make the story public.

The background is that when he came for what I expected to be a short visit, as he had done a few times before, he said he intended to stay for several months and would be hosting Kim Carlsberg for a couple of weeks during that time. He expected to be using my car, and not only would be staying so long and having a houseguest, but, as usual, he (and she) would be eating my food. Gracious host that I am, with him not even boiling water that would include my cooking for him. Also, on previous occasions, he’d invited people for dinner and for parties that my household put on for him. Pretty nice benefacting, I would say.

With Steve wanting more than I had offered him, he agreed he’d be on a work exchange, to begin after the weeks where my house was clogged with Kim’s books to get pre-orders fulfilled. But a work exchange was not to be. He did nothing for me before he disappeared, more than two months later, and sent me this in an email:

“When it comes to residence quid pro quos, the host sets the conditions and the guest either complies or departs. Since I cannot comply with your conditions, I have departed. This is for the best.”

This is like taking merchandise and telling the store you’d be keeping it because the price was too high. Huh?

There’s more, none of it flattering to Steve. He has asked for a jury trial, in Maryland (I am in California), where his lawyer is working on a contingency of the $30,000 Steve demands from me for defaming him. I’ve said nothing untrue so he won’t win, but he will cost me money and grief in the process.

I want us to live out among the stars in the magic of this glorious universe, and here I am slugging it out in the black and white, right or wrong arena that’s one’s step up from a gladiator’s match. Please help prevent this lawsuit from going further. Here’s how Steve can be reached: PRG@paradigmresearchgroup.org.

Suzanne Taylor

What On Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery

*Here’s the email I sent out about this:

Please circulate. Immediate help requested from people who know Steve Bassett

Steve Bassett is suing me — demanding a jury trial, no less.

This public spectacle will make us the laughing stock of the skeptical world. I can see the headline: The Weird ET Guy and the Crazy Crop Circle Girl Duke it Out on Planet Earth.” Just what we don’t need.

Please help to keep this out of court. Get Steve to drop his lawsuit.

My movie is on a PBS station in Colorado on Thursday night. It’s a first broadcast on TV — a breakthrough, and in an auspicious place. This is what we need more of. Please help so as not to set me – and the world — back

I’d expect Steve would draft a rebuttal that says he offered settlements, and I am unreasonable in not taking them. That’s like the thief keeping the loot and suing the victim to get more. No, I won’t be issuing a check for $26,000 for which I’ll get that amount of value in Kim Carlsberg’s books; no I won’t issue an apology to say I’ve blow the whistle on Steve in anger and by mistake; no, I won’t cover legal costs for his filings against me. These are the sorts of agreements he wants in order to drop the suit. I want him to drop it because he shouldn’t have filed it and instead should be apologizing and making good to me.

The legal system is toxic to me – it’s torture to have to take part in it. I’ve found a lawyer – a gentle guy who knows his stuff – who will get retained tomorrow unless Steve agrees to drop the suit. Please help prevent this lawsuit from going further.