John Mack Thinking Clearly Outside the Box


John Mack was one of the great minds of our time. A Harvard professor and Pulitzer Prize winner, who I feel blessed to have in my movie, he was a hero of mine for the intelligence he applied to thinking about the unthinkable. Thanks to him, I started to talk about our worldview rather than about consciousness. It’s everyone’s lifework to become self-aware, but, as a collective, we need to wise up to how scientific materialism is an imminent threat to us all.

My blog post that I put up in 2004, when John Mack died, will tell you more:

From the intro to him in this first of 12 clips of a talk he did in 2002:

“An icon in the field of abduction research…most heavily credentialed and most public guy who has come forward with his work in this phenomenon…they tried to crucify him…he’s risking it all for the truth…”